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    eleanorjmorel which graphics category specifically?

    it'S basically a PSD file but for a pixel art program

    skymen if you expand "Images" on left menu when editing an item, there is a gallery sub menu for multiple images.

    For free sample, if the category permits it will be under "Files" menu as a sub option

    Is it possible to make it possible for addons then?

    By the way, it seems bundles are broken

    If I put two items in a bundle, one woth 15$ and one 30$ and set the discount for both at 10% it says that the initial worth of the bundle is 10$ and that the final price is 9$

    If I then remove the 30$ item from the bundle, I'm left with a bundle containing only one item and priced 0$.

    The 30$ item has a one time license fee of 10$ so I'm guessing some numbers have been shuffled around somewhere.


    After purchasing and redeeming some assets I'm seeing numerous errors:

    On my 'Downloads' page I sometimes see 'Unavailable to Download'

    Sometimes the Download button is available. Sometimes clicking on the button gives a 404. Sometimes it takes me to the Download page.

    On the Download page clicking on "DOWNLOAD NOW" sometimes starts the download but then my browser (Edge) fails with the error "Couldn't download - No permissions".

    Seems to be working now.

    Thank you.

    eleanorjmorel I need to know the exact category you're uploading to please to add the filetype

    skymen addons now include free sample ability

    RE bundles bear with me

    HaikuJock are you still experiencing this issue?

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    skymen bundles should now be working, and new Sale Price EX VAT column added to sales report as per your suggestion

    I would like to be able to order the youtube movies,

    it seems i can't re order them , even if i change the url order on the item video page

    it keeps putting the last url i added as first to show..



    Font > Spritefont

    Graphic > User interfaces

    Graphic > Isometric

    for now but probably more of the graphics options. It's basically source files

    about description layout

    if you use normal text after ordered or unordered list,

    there's no margin


    Sales report is stil broken

    eleanorjmorel you can now upload that file to those categories you named.

    vtrix margin now added for next upload. To order Youtube videos, put them in the right box. (EG vid 1 comes first)

    danuyos sorry about this, fixed for next upload. It's a bug when bundles appear in report.

    Tom about the youtube videos, when i switch the url , they automatically change back when pressing update

    Request Feature

    spend earned money from Construct store to Construct Store. I have balance in my seller account. Instead of dong Cashout I want to spend that money on buying items in Construct Store. Do you have any planning for this feature?

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