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  • 34 year old gamer here.

    Over time I have had my hands on a C64, PC, XBOX, Xbox360, PS3 and now smartphones / HTML5. I have made a lot of unfinished games in tools ranging from BASIC to Game Maker, and I have several projects that I want to complete.

    I am feeling a lot more confident about completing projects now I have found Construct2 :)

    Absolutely love the process of making games. It's the combination of all my favorite hobbies; coding / game structure, graphics and sound.

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  • Hello and salutations.

    I'm a 3_ year old goof, three boys and a lovely wife. I've been gaming for years and love geeking out over some new whatnots. I'm a designer, developer, writer and overall just like a good story.

    Scirra certainly has hit home for me with Construct. I used other SDK and have a game in the Apple market (Circus Big Pop Lite) using Corona SDK. ONce I started playing with Construct, the gloves came off.

    I love imagining. My kids are extremely excited about what we're going to do with this (well, my two older boys .. the baby just likes to keyboard mash). My oldest boy (7) is even starting to create his own little games in Blender and wants to get into Construct as well.

    I'm excited about where this is going and can't wait to produce my first games with Construct!

  • Hello,

    My name is Jim and though I am not new to the the Software Industry (software developer for 25 years) I am new to the game making part of it.

    Since the beginning of November I have been comparing most the game development engines that are available: Game Maker, Stencyl, Game Salad, Unity 3D, Construct 2 and a few others. What I decided on was Construct 2. This choice was made by trying to implement a couple of interesting concepts (Physics Based) that I want to incorporate in a game or two in ALL of the engines that I tried. In some engines it was not possible, in others it was possible but only with coding - not that I am afraid of coding, but these were pretty simple ideas. I was not only easily able to accomplish all of my tests in Construct 2, but the performance was far better than the other engines as well.

    The balance of ease of use and performance and future development path is by far the best. I even asked a couple of my friends who have been in the game industry for years and they agree with the development path that Construct 2 has decided upon.

    Between a buddy of mine that is the Graphic Artist/Genius and myself we have a lot of interesting ideas that we are planning on implementing in Construct 2 games. Most of which will have a very different look and feel from the games that you see now and some that will look familiar.

    I hope to learn from all of you the tricks of the trade and maybe contribute a few of my own.

  • Construct seems like a great product and one which daydreaming, would-be game designers have been wishing for forever.

    Thanks to the Scirra team, and happy New Year all!

  • Hey everyone! My name is Chris, and I mostly work with graphic design and websites currently, but I'm considering making games for full time. I'm really happy I found CC2, so I can start creating my ideas for real.

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm new here. My name is Jander Marques and I'm Brazilian. I am a systems analyst with extensive experience in design and development of systems. I always wanted to develop games, and now I am studying Unity3d and Construct 2. Currently I am developing my first real game with cs2.

    Well that's a little about me, nice to meet yah.

  • Hello Everyone, I am Tejinder and I am 31. Started with games long time ago such as Super Mario Bros, Contra, Donkey Kong(yeah all those classics) etc. Me and my younger brother used to rent the console and games for one night like once a month as we couldn't afford to buy it at that time. Occassionally I also went to play on arcade as well.

    Time passed, used to play on playstation at friends house. In 2000 bought first pc, slowly getting to know the technology. Now after 12 years, playing tons of PC games, getting a degree in IT, currently working full time as an IT Technician, married, with a very supportive wife and two daughters, I realise now is a good time to work on those dreams of being creative and fulfill them. Always wanted to design and create something fun, so here I am. This is me, beginning my epic quest....

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  • Hello everyone my name Aeolia Knight, I'm new to this forum and this is the first time I post.

    I really appreciate the people who create such software, for me all creators and innovators are artists.

    I am a designer in life and I have plans to create programs.

    Construct helps me greatly in my projects and I hope he will continue to help me in the near future.

    I congratulate the developers as this software and those who helped contribute posters who have brought a lot of knowledge.

    I think I be properly presented, and I hope I help promote this software really promising.

    ps: sorry for the bad english, I'm french ^ ^ <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • I've lived on the gulf coast in Panama City, FL since June of 2000. My family moved here after my senior year in high school to attend to a family illness. In the beginning, it was difficult to leave my friends in Newnan, GA, but after a few months I adapted and now I could never imagine living anywhere else.

    The coast is so beautiful. The water-color sunsets, crystal blue water, and sugar white sands are just breath-taking. I love to spend the day just basking in the awe of it. Panama City is the perfect mesh of urban amenities and small town charm, which makes it a great place to live and enjoy life.

    My husband, Chuck, is a master welder and sheet metal mechanic. We have a modest condo which we share with our two cats, parakeet and nephew, Morlan. Morlan was born in 2011 and while he does live with mother, my sister, he spends the majority of his time with Chuck and me because she works 2 jobs. Chuck and I don't have any children together, but he has an adult daughter, who he adores, from a previous marriage. She and her husband live in Lakeland, FL.

    In my spare time I enjoy writing, surfing the net, dabbling in programming, saltwater fishing, golfing, cooking, and crafting.

    I try to be a thoughtful, compassionate person with a positive attitude. My philosophy is to use things and love people, not use people and love things. Life is too short for greed, pettiness, and anger.

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  • Hi, I'm Melvin :), I love making games, and I came to find Construct 2 when I was looking to create a multiplayer game on Facebook. I love the pligin system, and the connectivity of this software, and I really hope that I can finish this project I'm working on.

    So, um, hi :)

  • Hey I'm new here... I am from a corporate dev background but have always had an interest in making games. I own many game dev books but never have the time to learn to the deep level required.

    Found Scirra and totally loving it..

  • Hello all! My name is Yaw Amanquah and I'm a Digital Media student at the SUNY institute of technology. I also play lacrosse at the college. It has always been my dream to design games and using Construct 2 I hope to create some cool games. The games I create will be posted to my newgrounds page I hope you all look forward to my latest games!

  • galera fasso video no youtube e vim fazer alguns games para voces. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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