The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I'm Zane and I like messing with computers. I can program but I chose not to for this project. I will hopefully have a cool new game out soon, the only problem I'm having is with the graphics. Which is hard to do for me. I like to do random things and am very creative. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi i am tanjil. I like computers and love to create somethings using this great thing.. i am interested in game making .. :)

  • Hi, I�m educamedia Hope to learn and share a lot of knowlege in building games. Happy holydays!

  • Howdy.

    My name is Cael Hath. I used to spend most of my time at, but... life happened.

    I have always been interested in games. When I was very young, my stepfather worked at PG&E in California, and he would bring his work home with him. I learned how to spell and write using the first few editions of Volkswriter, an unforgiving but very beautiful word processor that I found on his green-screened computer.

    He inevitably brought home an orange-screened computer, which is where I discovered a rather amazing game called Tetris. I also played a few games I doubt anyone would recognize- text-based Superman, text-based Star Trek, and of course Jump Joe, which I understand is called Janitor Joe in some versions.

    Because my family was strictly religious, my first Nintendo was destroyed, and I was never again allowed to keep the money I made from mowing my neighbor's lawns. However, my stepfather acquired a beastly, outdated green-screen machine in his yearly company auction, and with this, I taught myself as much as I could of BASIC, forgoing games in lieu of calculator apps which my mother used to determine the amount of taxes she was to deduct from her Avon customers. I also built clocks, timers, weather trackers and most importantly, a journal entry system that incorporated a password and my beloved Volkswriter.

    Years have passed, and time has not been all that I had hoped it would. My schooling backfired, and I discovered rather bitterly that everything I learned in college was already available online. My Associates degree was stifled by a vengeful communist that insisted I write a paper against my personal beliefs. I have nothing against armchair communists, after all, it all works out on paper, but this gentleman told me that he was going to take the paper I wrote and send it to the government as the basis for his personal campaign against something I care very dearly about. My advice to anyone seriously considering school is to chuck your morality, dreams and tact at the door, and attend your courses with every intent of destroying all that is sacred and beautiful in this world. Otherwise, you're wasting your time, and that of your instructor.

    My desire to create games is not as pure as my desire to write. Having said that, one could argue the purity of continuing to breathe air. I love games, and I love the fact that Construct2 has been created. I will never stop writing, nor will my desire to create cease to spill over into other mediums.

    With Construct2, I aim to create a number of games that I myself would wish to play. I could waste time by trying to analyze the market, adhering to every little whim that the gaming community desires, but in the end, if you cannot entertain yourself, who can you entertain? I would like to think I have played enough games to determine what is fun and what is not.

    My deep dark plot involves creating a host of games that will eventually fall into the hands of a creative, hardworking team, and that these games will fund my writing. Games today are analogous to writing in the forties and fifties. Back then, a writer could make a living off of his short stories. Look at Asimov, Heinlen, and all the other greats.

    These "old-school" and "portable" and "browser" games are no different. Granted, we can't all be Angry Birds, but I have played many a free game whose site has operated unattended for weeks at a time because the developer and creator of those games is somewhere in Germany buying a Fiero with the money he's made.

    I'm here because those who are happy are those who do what they love. I love to create, to entertain, to see the looks of surprise, fear, joy and emotion that my hands are capable of evoking. I once entertained a troop of missionaries who were prohibited from all forms of worldly media, simply with a notebook of stories. These were average high schoolers, no more godly than I, who resented their forced piety and would gather every Wednesday at five for an hour of stories they couldn't find anywhere else.

    Construct2 is more than just a game-maker to me. It's a chance to follow in the footsteps of the old writers of yesteryear, to make my way in a world that needs hope. Some of you will see me as commercially minded. I'm not offended by this. Creating media is my passion, and if you can't make money with your passion, you're wasting your life.

    I am very pleased to meet you all.

  • Dragos here, doing mostly visual effects, creative producing animation and being interested in some interactive stuff. For the latter I see Construct 2 as an interesting prototyping tool.



  • Hi to all,

    I've just downloaded Construct 2. I've created several interactive fictions in Inform/Undum/Twine and I'll try to create 2D games with Construct 2.

    "Un saludo" from Spain, Santi.


  • Hey everyone!

    My name is Jorge Garcia Celorio. I have been playing games since I remember. The first console that comes to my mind is Mattel's Intellivision. However, the first console I received as a gift was an Atari 2600.

    I'm an avid reader, sports enthusiast and Science/Languages facilitator.

    I have always been interested in creating games. I regard Construct 2 as an incredible platform for developing interesting ideas and high-quality 2D games.

    I would like to congratulate the Scirra community for its dynamism and helpful tutorials!

    See you in the forums,

    Jorge, from Zapopan, Mexico.

  • Hey everyone,

    I've actually posted several times on the forums, but I just saw the introduce yourself thread and thought I would try to make friends here. I completed the platform tutorial a long time ago and took a break from having a lot on my plate at the time. I have recently got back into this and I'm currently at work learning a lot.

    I love music and I'm a musician, but I find others too unreliable to get the success I want out of it. So I hope that I can make a game and put my music into which would be satisfying to me in multiple ways.

    Games are so fun and very creative. I never would have pictured myself being able to create a game back in high school, but with this software the possibilities are amazing. Thanks Scirra and I hope to grow with this company and everyone that's here as well.

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  • HI Everyone,

    I am very new to Construct 2 and after using all the other game making tools i have finally found my final piece. I am highly interested in making games for Mobile Devices and Construct 2 is the only best tool i found for the job, as i Don't have any programming background at all. The only purpose to sign up to this forum is to get some help and pro tips from the awesome people who have made this Software a success.

    I look forward to meet new pros and make new friends and learn great stuff!!



  • 32, software product manager (giant real estate software company BORING!) I have been a hardcore gamer, obsessed with gaming since about 8 years old. I competed in and won a Tetris showdown for 100 bucks in 1990 LOL.

    I have limited programming experience and tons and tons and tons of workflow modeling, "wireframing" and planning experience. I wrote my first nasty dry database application at 16 using ms access. What I really want to do is build games.

    I am here to have fun and start spending those countless hours spent gaming - building a game. Before I build I must learn and thats my main priority for the next 90 days. Be an expert at C2 theory and basics.

    I am excited to be here, I have high expectations for C2

    I chose this product over Stencyl after doing quite a bit of research.

  • Hello world.

        Got into computers because I always wanted to figure out how to make games, after doing lot of research i found scirra offers the best community and product to develop games.

       I made very few games before using flash and dropped it due to the limited support I got from my peers. I am hard working, and like to bring different things into my projects, which I hope to show on here, and also help others

  • Hi to all new year's newcomers.

    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello everybody, just downloaded the free edition to see if this videogame making business is fun, maybe I will see you around.

  • Hello everybody, I'm Matteo from Italy and I found out this awesome, how can i call it? Kit? Yesterday, so today after some sleeping i tried to do something. I really like Construct 2 so I keep working on it :D

  • Hi everyone! My name is Tran Tuan Phuong. I'm computer engineer. Now I'm very happy to join Scirra.

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