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  • Hi. I woke up this year and realized that my career path wasn't fulfilling me anymore. So I've decided to follow my heart and take a stab at game development.

    I started with absolutely no knowledge (just a little bit of web programming experience) and I'm slowly working my way forward. I've been teaching myself Objective-C, but that is a long a very slow process, and I was itching to get to produce some actual games. So I looked into other game developing platforms. I started out in GameSalad, but soon found that lacking.

    And that's when I came across Construct 2. This program looks awesome. I think it's a perfect blend of simplicity, yet allows you to access amazing depth. Really good work by the programmers. I'm super excited to begin producing games with it.

    I have a blog ( where I'll be documenting my evolution as a game designer, and website, facebook, and twitter will be following shortly.

    Just wanted to introduce myself, and thank everyone in advance, as I'm sure this forum will be an endless source of information and answer countless questions that I'm going to come across as I develop games.


  • Hi, I already post some in the forums, I didn't know there is a "official" place for Introducing. So: I started to make games on basic with ZX Spectrum, at seven years old, and from on has been always like a hobby. I usually didn't show much of my works because when the most hard part has pass I lost interest, also I had much interest on see my creation under much devices, specially portable ones. More late, I got some real programming. I started a 2d engine under C++ (started like ANSI C) thanks to SDL. Then appears HTML5 and forget that for make it portable. I make the loading maps TILED (TMX) make the events, conditions, but the big problems of make it compatible with all the browsers was making me crazy. In reality my deep wish was always make a game, so like I didn't had time, I leave my engine, for one really well prepared for multiplataform like C2, and concentrate on make games in the late nights or free time <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .

    PD: I wait Scirra give export to Linux using node-webkit like for windows and Mac!

  • Hello all,

    My name is Joe.

    I've always been a huge game enthusiast since I was a little boy. I tended to direct my interest towards well written stories in video games, primarily RPG's, I was a major member of the SNES genre of games such as the classics FFII, (4) FFIII, (6) Chrono Trigger, Lufia, and I could go on for hours.

    I was awarded a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISU 2 years ago and made a career path out of it. But due to my increasing desire to make something I know I would be truly proud of I decided to come to Scirra to start programming games.

    I still work as an engineer to make a living, but I hope to gain financial independence with the game a small group of friends and myself are currently working on. I am doing the grunt programming, while my more artistic friend is working on graphic design. We hope to have a fully functional prototype to present by mid year 2013.

    I look forward to all the help I can get in the forums from those of you on here. And thank you for inspiring me to do what I know I will truly love in game development.



  • Hi i'm Donovan , i wanted to ,make mobile games since lots of indie games for ios and android are terrible wastes of time and money. I like making music( i play ocarina!) and art(i specialize in fantasy and sci fi crossover) . i thought this was the perfect all around for an indie dev , so i started experimenting ! .... then i realized i cant publish to mobile on free license <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • A good program. But still, you need to work on stability, and not on new platforms (sorry for my English)

  • hi everyone,

    i'm a beginner in java and android game development

    i want to learn how to make games

  • Hello everyone, i`m happy meet this programm & this community )

    GLHF 2 all ))

  • Hello everybody

  • arrow X

    Yay , Welcome to the group :D ( I'm algerian too :D )

  • Hello gamers and coders!

    My name is Albert Hall.

    I am new to construct2 but am ramping up pretty fast.

    I have some game development history starting with DirectX 3 and MFC C++, up to current with Flash AS3.

    I am also pretty good with photoshop, bryce and some other packages.

    I am interested in Android apps as well.

  • Hello gamers and developers!

    I'm new to Construct2 but completly excited about this powerfull software.

    I am a freelance illustrator from Brazil and I really enjoy making games.

    I work with learning, casual and social games since 2008.

    I have some history with AS2.0/3.0 and OOP.

    Some of my work are here:

    So thrilled about using Construct2!

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    Oh? my friend finally arrived <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    welcome to Scirra Construct forums, a great and helpful community   <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Obligatory Introduction Post.

    Howdy! Thought I'd introduce myself because I'm a shill for badges and achievements. Also, because I'm required by law to inform you that I have been convicted of being a computer game programmer. It's a serious offense and we are a danger to the public and ourselves, thus you have be warned.

    And my wife brought cookies.

  • Hey all. I've been lurking for the last week or so while I familiarize myself with Construct 2. I have to say, the software is amazing and so is the community here.

    I'm a digital illustrator mostly (I've got some old stuff up here: ) but I've always been interested in game design and the pixel art aesthetic in particular. Hopefully I can successfully funnel some of my weird ideas into a functional game.

  • Hi.

    I am a Storage and Virtualization specialist and very keen on creating games in my spare time. I discovered Construct2 today and I must say the product looks so amazing and easy to use. Can't wait to create my first real game!

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