The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Artist by nature, Electronic engineer on the way and Me by default.

  • WAS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Estou satisfeito por fazer parte desta comunidade que está em constante crescimento.

    Através do Youtube eu pude conhecer a ferramenta, e pelos tutoriais ficar impressionado pela criação intuitiva do Motor de jogos.

    Quero dedicar o ano de 2018 me dedicando a ferramenta para criar meus jogos ..^^..

    Fiquei inspirado a dar luz a minha criatividade.

    Afinal de contas, o Game Over quem decide é o Desenvolvedor, e não vou deixar minhas ideias terem um Game Over sem ver a luz do dia.

    Estou feliz por fazer parte desta família.

  • Hi all, my name is Jasper,

    Our forum is very useful, so I like it very much

    Nice to meet everyone and hope to receive help from people


  • Hi, my name is Mat, I'm currently trying to create interactive learning content for both Windows an Mac on construct 3. I'm a former Macromedia/Adobe Director user. The tool seems to be tricky but I hope I'll figure it out soon ! See ya !

  • Hello?? I been trying to think of possible general idea of game but currently mining that idea off is like hard for me -> because most of time it be like solo project and me doing most of work when I have juggle time and time is not friend to me.

    that alone could be game but then again I am not very good game maker for while I have yet to make character for my games in mind. I have one I want to make that been evolving and then another which I kind want to keep unchanged...

    Not sure I want to keep in 2d format but I have to see.

    its kind like simulation rpg but not sure how it play out.

  • oi

  • Hello everyone, i'm here to learn how to make a game to my girlfriend and later to my church.

    Jesus is coming back.

  • Hi!

    Name's Manoel, i'm brazilian. And i'm new here. I really like these games, and the construct engine are awsome! So there's nothing more to say, i think. You can call me Pie or TinyPie. Goodbye!

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  • ola pessoal

  • Hewo ereyone

  • Hello Everyone!

    My names MAC I live in a small town called Polo in Illinois, I'm from a small city called Rockford also in Illinois and gaming is my life and since the day I got my classic NES decades ago I have wanted nothing more then to make my own games. So I went on Google and typed in Free Game Engine and Construct was one of many that popped up. I tried just about all of them, but found Construct to be the best. I'm also a long time musician and a self published Author. Time to build some games!

  • Hello! I'm Noel and I'm starting with gamdevelopment starting now!

  • hi

  • Hi there!

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