The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everyone! I look forward to learning the program and making my open games.

  • Hello people! Apparently I look like a total douche in my picture, but anyway! My name is Dylan and am currently in my graduation year of Illustration/animation and decided to use Construct to make my ever first game, which is working quite well for me.

    The game I'm working on is about the relationship between man and machine and its dependency.

    In the back of a truck

    In an alley

    I am currently making it to be like an adventure ish game where you play as a robot where you need to tall to people and visit several locations in a dystopian city, not sure which game elements would be interesting for it.

    Well, that's me! Sayonara, auf wienerschnitzel and stuffies..

  • I heard of The Official Construct 2 from threads on discord and such. Just thought I'd try it out, see what I can sit down with and make fun games.

  • g yuftiy 6f

  • Hey er'body - I'm Rayche

    Being a gamer myself, I wanted to try making my own game - I don't have any experience in coding, but I'm eager to learn along the way, who knows? Maybe game design might be for me?

    Anyways, I look forward to chatting with you!

  • Hello there, I'm a design student and this is my first time exploring the gamer's world , I've got idea worth sharing. Ideas of games that can change the world!!!

  • Hello, I am a person.

    I plan on trying to make some game with this program, perhaps even post the results here.

    Seeing as anyone who might be reading this is interested in games and making them I would highly reccomend you take a look what Media Molecule is working on right now.

  • X

  • i hear about construct2 on google, cause i was looking for myself how to create a game for iOS or Android, now let's play!!!

  • Me chamo Anna Luiza. Faço o curso de jogos digitais e meu mestre me aconselhou que usasse esse programa.


  • Hi everybody!

    Recently discovered construct 2 on youtube's tutorials and i thoght it was easy and need to give it a try...

    so, just joined and started editing templates and RTFM... let's see if i can do something interesting.

    I'm not acostumed to editors. I'm a big fan of basic languajes like yabasic and purebasic and i've created some games published in other forums like DBF interactive forum where i have shared some code.

    Actually using editors is far away from programming but it seems to be an easy way to develope the artistics and designs instead of usual headaches coding.... i like construct 2 so i will spend time with free edition trying to learn and implement more stuff.

    I'm watching and playing your construct 2 games to see what can be done and i used to post positive feedback so we will probably meet around.

    I'm from the 8-bit era.. AMSTRAD,SPECTRUM... nowadays called "RETRO PIXEL STYLE" thats fun for me.

    by the way i'm spanish, sorry for my bad english.

    Greetings to everybody, see ya!

  • Downloaded this for a contest, no regrets.

  • Hi I'm gonna mess around with this and then make a game

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  • Artist by nature, Electronic engineer on the way and Me by default.

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