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  • Hey, My name is Jon and I just recently got a pc. It isn't the best but I like it. After college, and after I get a job, I will most likely upgrade and build my own computer so I can make bigger and better games. I heard about Construction 2 because I looked up free game development software and a list came up that had of the best, Construction 2 being one of them.

  • I'm from Kentucky. I originally just wanted to test games for Blizzard Entertainment but now I wish to be a designer focused on helping people. I hope to one day have my own company and specialize in games that will bring communities together and allow the disabled to not be disabled through virtual reality, though, i'm having trouble figuring out the whole design thing. I refuse to give up easily. I was looking for game design sites that could help me refine and perfect my knowledge and teach me what i need to know so i googled "free game designing software" and this site came up on a list, so here I am.

  • Hello

  • Hello everyone! I've been using the free version Construct 2 for quite a bit now so I'm quite familiar with making games, especially platformers! Today, I have finally decided to create a Scirra account! I can't wait to explore the forums and meet all of you fellow Construct 2 users! Maybe not all because there sure are a lot!


  • Oh hey, just joined in because I'm new to the game programming world

  • Hello friends, I will be here and I hope we get along well.

  • Hi guys, now I'm going to read the manual)

  • Game Life Foundation (created August 17, 2017) is an independent French Creative Group that holds local in Togo

    Our foundation is composed of young people of 13 years or more (from 13 years to 16 years)

    The founder Daël-Lemuel Dosseh-Adjanon 13 years old at the moment (2017) was simply nibbling when came to him the idea of ​​created a

    Team specialize in games

    What better way to make games for young people made by young people

    Our slogan is

    A young team for a young job



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  • Hi I just want to make a clicker game to show my friends

  • Hello,

    I am planning to use Construct 2 for a project at school. Hope it works

  • I came here to post in the forum, and start making games. And I very clearly accomplished that first thing I just said, so...ya know...guess I'll start on the second thing.

  • I like Homestuck,Undertale and creepypasta.And also anime and manga

  • Hello, my name is Kevin. I own an IT company and we have a division that has a video game development studio. We are looking at Construct2 as a potential development on XboxOne, PC and mobile platforms.

  • Hi,

    I'm Brittany Bee for short, I'm 28 years young and I found this site bc I searched on google for the best programs to build apps on your pc.

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