The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello,

    I am planning to use Construct 2 for a project at school. Hope it works

  • I came here to post in the forum, and start making games. And I very clearly accomplished that first thing I just said, so...ya know...guess I'll start on the second thing.

  • I like Homestuck,Undertale and creepypasta.And also anime and manga

  • Hello, my name is Kevin. I own an IT company and we have a division that has a video game development studio. We are looking at Construct2 as a potential development on XboxOne, PC and mobile platforms.

  • Hi,

    I'm Brittany Bee for short, I'm 28 years young and I found this site bc I searched on google for the best programs to build apps on your pc.

  • Hi folks! Alex here

  • So... I'm here to late start my digital game carrer... I hope I can work with you guys...

  • htmlgames (a.k.a n-gauge and Dogtopius) here!

    Recently upgraded to personal licence and have started making Android apps with Construct 2.

    Have also coded apps in html / javascript and enjoy playing various emulators.

    Dogtopius also creates excellent pixel / anime art, as well as coding for Construct 2.

  • I am newbie in the world of gaming.

    It's my attempt to progress from game player to game maker.

    I have come here to stay for a long time. I hope I end up making a game by end of this year.

    Cheers to those all newbies like me willing to make games. It's party time

  • Whoa, hello!

    Greetings from a great country called France, my name's Vincent. I'm 17, and started making games on my calculator when i was 14. Now, I work on Web, UE4, AfterEffects, and Construct 2.

    Of course, i mainly came here for the lil' bronze medal. I think i do not have the fancy license medal near my profile pic, because I bought C2 on Steam

    Have a wonderful day !

  • I just downloaded this on Steam because I didn't have anything else to do and it seems pretty nice so far.

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  • I found out about this from the very entertaining There Is No Game. It said it was made with Construct 2 and a short google search later I'm here. I am a Psychiatrist by training but I love playing and making small games.

  • Hola me presento, soy jomag de Cádiz, tengo 31 años. Siempre me gusto jugar a videojuegos, pero siempre crei que había que saber programar para hacer juegos. Empece a estudiar programación, pero es un tostón y lo deje. Hace un tiempo me entere de la esistencia de este programa para hacer juegos sin saber de programación. Pero hasta ahora no me interese 100% con esto. Ahora me gustaría aprender a manejar este programa y algún día poder hacer mis propios videojuegos y ganar algo de dinero con ello. Me podéis ayudar a conseguirlo por favor? muchas gracias de ante mano y saludos.

  • Who else came for the lil badge?

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