The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello my name is Denise and I am from Lorain, Ohio. I hope I will be able to create a gaming app here.

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  • Hi.

    I'm ammar. you can call me marmis.

    as developer i use marmis dev for identically my name.

    i like simulation game and develop game simulation category.

  • hi im mathijs i want to programme games and i hope i do it good im form the netherlands im 14 years old

  • Well meeeeh

    Im a creative person

    since im 8 i play on lbp (1/2/3)

    and one day , i was like "eh why dont create a pc game?"

    and HERE I AM!

    im doing this for fun , and to create

    somtimes make laught my friends and have a good time!

  • Bom eu:

    Tenho 14 anos, para mim jogos são incríveis.

    Quero criar jogos para PC & Android.

    Irei criar apenas por hobby, Obrigado Scirra!

  • Heey! What's up?

  • Just a game nerd who wanted to try out making her own. If anyone has any tips on game making I would love to hear it cause i wish to learn how to be a game creator and maybe even have a career in it.

  • My name is Amalyah pronounced Amaleah Lyah is my nickname pronounced Leah

    Im from Florida and two of my favorite activities are drawing and story telling

    I found out about the page through google

  • Hi my name is antonio people callme antz for short am thankzs

  • Hi there, I was around the forum for months reading and learning but I've never been active on it. I think the time has come

  • Hi I'm called Dr. Pink. It's not my real name though. I'm checking this out to see how it compares to other animation software I use.

  • Welcome to you all!

  • Hi all ! I've been working on construct 2 for a month, and allways went on this website to find answers to my questions..

    but as a reader !

    Actually a french student, I spend my extra time developping a game thanks to that software, and decided to join the community !

  • Greetings great community! <3 I am Alin, or known by my pseudonim "Alxen" . I decided to give a chance on this program. It is really awesome what awesome things can be created with it.

  • Hi

    My name is Nestor and I've heard about Construct2 from my son Sebastian. I want to help him in creating fun and exciting games.

    I'm taking some courses to start developing at once!


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