The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I work all the day and i need a hobbie dude :'v

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  • I'm Earia and I joined because I wanted to see how it is to make games and I maybe post some tiny games someday, but don't expect much XD

  • Hmm Helloo from Indonesia

    im Newbie Artist, i came here for learning game logic, and asking something about art or design

    my target is Android game, still WIP until i post this xD

    may u want to see one of my asset xD

    made with Ai and Ae set to PNG Sequence xD



  • Hello! I'm new here, and you should put on some nice socks and check out my first game!

  • Hii, I'm Tejas Jasani Founder-CEO, TheAppGuruz, a mobile game development company with 500+ games and over 7 million players globally. Built the company ground up towards its success in iOS, Android and other platforms.

    ● Pioneer of game development ecosystem in Gujarat region

    ● Bohemian leader, 24x7 experimenter

    ● Speaker at Dell Futurist, GDG, GBG and other events

    ● Provider of strategic inputs to own company and elsewhere

    ● Mentor to Startups

    ● Blogger at TheAppGuruz and other sites

    ● Business Management graduate, Computer Science post-graduate from Nirma University

    ● Co-founder, Yudiz Solutions

    ● Pragmatic yet creative. Flexible. Risk-taker

    ● Reads continuously and extensively

    ● Sees a wider picture. Always

    ● Loves playing sports. Enjoys studying psychology

    ● Dreamer, not necessarily grounded

    ● Start-upper, believes change is good and less is more

  • Hi, been here a while but never got round to introducing myself until now.

  • Oi! Meu nome é Angelli, moro no Brasil na cidade de Salvador! Estou aqui porque EU AMO JOGOS! Tenho vários sonhos que eu quero realizar! Ah! Você conhece meu canal do YouTube! ... subscriber

    Hi! My name is Angelli, I live in Brazil in the city of Salvador! I'm here because I LOVE GAMES! I have several dreams that I want to realize! Ah! You know my YouTube channel! ... subscriber

  • Hi, I am new here would love to explore and share

  • Hi every o e I'm new to the whole game making I would love to explore, I. From Jamaica so I'm new to this but think I can learn

  • hi

  • Hi everyone, I'm from Chile and I'm a BIG Mega Man fan. Currently working on a big scale Mega Man X fan game project as a learning experience and then hopefully making my own original games.

    I was studying professional game design but I couldn't continue my studies for monetary reasons, so I've been using C2 to keep the dream alive, silently learning by reading these forums and other sources. But now I've finally decided to make a few posts, hopefully to help and learn from other people working on games involving jumping and shooting lemons at things.

    Nice to meet you all!

  • Hello, I'm new to this and not very computer smart. Hopefully I can be coached a little bit. Thanks, Ron

  • hi all

  • Hi all

  • Ohayo, I am xSanjiVinsmoke and I plan to make some games

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