The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I found out about this from the very entertaining There Is No Game. It said it was made with Construct 2 and a short google search later I'm here. I am a Psychiatrist by training but I love playing and making small games.

  • Hola me presento, soy jomag de Cádiz, tengo 31 años. Siempre me gusto jugar a videojuegos, pero siempre crei que había que saber programar para hacer juegos. Empece a estudiar programación, pero es un tostón y lo deje. Hace un tiempo me entere de la esistencia de este programa para hacer juegos sin saber de programación. Pero hasta ahora no me interese 100% con esto. Ahora me gustaría aprender a manejar este programa y algún día poder hacer mis propios videojuegos y ganar algo de dinero con ello. Me podéis ayudar a conseguirlo por favor? muchas gracias de ante mano y saludos.

  • Who else came for the lil badge?

  • This is Ahmed and newly joined your community. I've been visiting this forum for a while. I see lots of obviously skilled and knowledgeable people helping out. I'm glad to be a part of this group.

  • Morning everyone, I'm new here

  • Hello, my name is Iriel and I intend to become famous in the field of games, this is my biggest dream .. Thanks

  • Hello, imma get a badge now I'll post a comment too, please upvote it ;D

  • DarknessGamingDK

    Please don't multi-post needlessly, especially in this section.

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  • Hello.

    Well. I wanna that forum badge so here goes

    I'm Niespor.

    Niespor is a short version of Niesporczak.

    Niesporczak is a polish word for Tardigrade.

    Tardigrades are well known for being almost indestructible and capable of surviving in extreme environments.

    I survived such conditions through out my life and still came on alive.

    In Game Development from 2006.

    Been a CEO of my own studio, worked as freelancer and a team member.

    I have my name put in credits of at least 30 commercial games.

    Sadly, alone developed and published only but 5.

    Currently working full time as a Project Lead and Quality Control in a commercial studio.

    Still dreaming about eventually hitting the motherload and becoming 100% self-sufficient.

    So I develop games after work.

    Hello everyone =)

  • Hi, guys..

    Cant wait to meet you all and join this community.


  • I work all the day and i need a hobbie dude :'v

  • I'm Earia and I joined because I wanted to see how it is to make games and I maybe post some tiny games someday, but don't expect much XD

  • Hmm Helloo from Indonesia

    im Newbie Artist, i came here for learning game logic, and asking something about art or design

    my target is Android game, still WIP until i post this xD

    may u want to see one of my asset xD

    made with Ai and Ae set to PNG Sequence xD



  • Hello! I'm new here, and you should put on some nice socks and check out my first game!

  • Hii, I'm Tejas Jasani Founder-CEO, TheAppGuruz, a mobile game development company with 500+ games and over 7 million players globally. Built the company ground up towards its success in iOS, Android and other platforms.

    ● Pioneer of game development ecosystem in Gujarat region

    ● Bohemian leader, 24x7 experimenter

    ● Speaker at Dell Futurist, GDG, GBG and other events

    ● Provider of strategic inputs to own company and elsewhere

    ● Mentor to Startups

    ● Blogger at TheAppGuruz and other sites

    ● Business Management graduate, Computer Science post-graduate from Nirma University

    ● Co-founder, Yudiz Solutions

    ● Pragmatic yet creative. Flexible. Risk-taker

    ● Reads continuously and extensively

    ● Sees a wider picture. Always

    ● Loves playing sports. Enjoys studying psychology

    ● Dreamer, not necessarily grounded

    ● Start-upper, believes change is good and less is more

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