The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Game Life Foundation (created August 17, 2017) is an independent French Creative Group that holds local in Togo

    Our foundation is composed of young people of 13 years or more (from 13 years to 16 years)

    The founder Daël-Lemuel Dosseh-Adjanon 13 years old at the moment (2017) was simply nibbling when came to him the idea of ​​created a

    Team specialize in games

    What better way to make games for young people made by young people

    Our slogan is

    A young team for a young job



  • Hi I just want to make a clicker game to show my friends

  • Hello,

    I am planning to use Construct 2 for a project at school. Hope it works

  • I came here to post in the forum, and start making games. And I very clearly accomplished that first thing I just said, so...ya know...guess I'll start on the second thing.

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  • I like Homestuck,Undertale and creepypasta.And also anime and manga

  • Hello, my name is Kevin. I own an IT company and we have a division that has a video game development studio. We are looking at Construct2 as a potential development on XboxOne, PC and mobile platforms.

  • Hi,

    I'm Brittany Bee for short, I'm 28 years young and I found this site bc I searched on google for the best programs to build apps on your pc.

  • Hi folks! Alex here

  • So... I'm here to late start my digital game carrer... I hope I can work with you guys...

  • htmlgames (a.k.a n-gauge and Dogtopius) here!

    Recently upgraded to personal licence and have started making Android apps with Construct 2.

    Have also coded apps in html / javascript and enjoy playing various emulators.

    Dogtopius also creates excellent pixel / anime art, as well as coding for Construct 2.

  • I am newbie in the world of gaming.

    It's my attempt to progress from game player to game maker.

    I have come here to stay for a long time. I hope I end up making a game by end of this year.

    Cheers to those all newbies like me willing to make games. It's party time

  • Whoa, hello!

    Greetings from a great country called France, my name's Vincent. I'm 17, and started making games on my calculator when i was 14. Now, I work on Web, UE4, AfterEffects, and Construct 2.

    Of course, i mainly came here for the lil' bronze medal. I think i do not have the fancy license medal near my profile pic, because I bought C2 on Steam

    Have a wonderful day !

  • I just downloaded this on Steam because I didn't have anything else to do and it seems pretty nice so far.

  • I found out about this from the very entertaining There Is No Game. It said it was made with Construct 2 and a short google search later I'm here. I am a Psychiatrist by training but I love playing and making small games.

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