The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey there!

    I'm Nova. I earned a bachelor's degree in game design and then promptly got a job in finance and never used it. Just downloaded the free version to flex my creative muscles and get back into design shape!

  • I hereby introduce myself

  • My name is Matt and I'm trying to make a game with my 8 year old son Hendrix. It's simple enough for him to learn the basics of object-oriented programming and complex enough for me to do some crazy stuff! I love this software.

  • Hello, everybody!

    Stewart B. Carson here, AKA Sparkz. From New Orleans Louisiana. Just downloaded Construct 2 as part of a decades old dream of making a video game I'm a story teller, cartoonist, animator, map builder and musician. I have ALMOST ZERO skills in making a finished game and putting all the pieces together. I already know a great deal about the game I want to create. I've already animated sprites, drawn rough drafts of the zones and scored most of the sound track. With a little help, I know it can be brought to life.

    I would like to thank everybody for making it so easy to become part of something like this!!!


  • Hi,

    I´m new here, I´m doing my first game using Construct 2 and I have a lot of doubts, I read some tutorial, but I don´t find how to move my Character automatically. how do i move the character without any input

    Thank you very much.

  • Hello everybody, I'm Johnzo, and I'm a game dev. I like making small games in my free time and this is the place to make and share my favorites! I love the community here and i am happy to start posting my games here! I'm looking forward to seeing you all around! Feel free to play some of my games! See ya later!

  • Hi, I'm Feby. I just graduated from high school and trying to make 2d games with some friends. I stumbled upon Construct and decided to give it a try. So yeah, might be exactly what I need.

    Anyway, nice to meet you

  • Hi (on start of my "Official Introduce" I can tell I not good at English) I new here. I was thinking a lot of making my own game so I arrive here. I want to make games for fun. Grettings from Poland !

  • HOLA

  • Here's a private entrepreneur from Finland introducing herself. Hi.

    I have currently my first asset packages waiting for approval here at Scirra store,

    and I'm planning to make an arcade here too once I get some spare time for it.

    Thanks and see ya around,


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  • Hey everyone. New to the program. Looking forward to working on some games.

  • Hello, I am 18 year old guy trying to make some games and I am introducing myself because of some Authenticity check

  • hi

  • Hello. Looking forward to seeing what this site can do...

  • Hello my name is Denise and I am from Lorain, Ohio. I hope I will be able to create a gaming app here.

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