The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, I just downloaded C2 Free about 3 days ago, & I'm having a lot of fun with it.

    I've been playing games, mostly Nintendo stuff, since I was a little kid, & I've had a great interest in game design for years. I'd like to make all sorts of neat stuff.

    Been spending the last couple of days learning the ropes, & adding features to the "Ghost Shooter" tutorial game. Signed up for the forums because I can't find everything on Google. Looking forward to more learning.

  • I heard about the Construct2 in a brazilian YouTube channel (Jake Pudding)

  • First off, Athena Cykes is not my real name. Athena is a character from the lovable game series Ace Attorney. Second, I'm a huge fan of Shu Takumi's other game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective!

  • Hi! I am Daftvazia and I am Novice.

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  • Hi i'm helt im a french young man full of will trying to creat his very first game.

    I'm 17 and at school right now im in vacation its why i decided to do something instead of just playing game and wasting time .

    I hope you all have a nice day see you !

  • Hi everyone

    I get here just by a little research I did a few monts ago about how to make a game with html5, it's great to see that Construct2 has a lot of support and good reviews

    Hope you all have a nice day and that you guys have created some games of your own, see you!!

  • Hi

  • Hi, I'm a Mexican Game developer. I'm excited about this, because now I can Test and experiment with gameplay and rules independent from a team.

  • Hi' im sofy

  • Hey I'm Chris a 25 year old dad of three I'm here cause i heard that construct was the place to go if you know little about game creation but have a idea about a game so i'm just excited to get started and learn and just enjoy the process.

  • oi sou jose souza quero saber se nos app para androide renda estra vcs paga mesmo e em quanto tempo

  • Hello, my name is miler I interested in coding and making a game

  • Hello! I'm a swedish 11 y/o boy that always have loved to make games! I started out using Scratch and Stencyl, i didn't like that much. Then i did learn a little bit to code.

    I was thinking one day to start coding/making games again! Cuz i haven't done it for over a year! I've heard about this program called "Construct 2".

    It got really good reviews from users all the way from YouTube to different forums! Then i heard that it was an AMAZING and EASY program to make 2D games! And i love 2D games! So here i am, sitting in front of an computer today and writing this! I've watch some tutorials on YouTube recently. And i also did try to make my own game without any watching any tutorials! For me, Construct 2 seems like an amazing program to make 2D games! I like Construct 2 really much


  • Hello everybody

  • Hey Everyone,

    I am a Teacher, Speaker and Digital Disrupter who is wants to be able to empower the 21st century learners.

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