The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey! my name is Lee, also known as Bug! my girlfriend is a successful construct 2 Dev so I thought I would give it a go myself!

  • I'm dotted.

  • Hi world!

  • I am a student of DAIICT at Gandhinagar in the second year of information and communication technology course. I am interested in web and game development in Unity.

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  • Hello there! My name is Lucas and i'm brazilian.

    I love video games. So much that i'm interested into the indie game development scene so much that i wanted to make a game since my childhood.

    So, i'm using C2 for a while and let me say it: I'm really liking Construct 2, because of not only of the functions and behaviors that Construct 2 gives, but to how easy it is to make games in this engine.

    I'm currently planning to make action platformers and top down car racing games with C2 free edition to make up my game making experience.

    I never used C2 for so much long before now and i'm excited with C2. I'm looking forward to Construct 3.

  • Hello Construct2 forum, i'm a game developer about to teach my 7 year old how to make some games. That'll be her summer school

  • Hi! I'm Omnipaws, pixel artist as a hobby and corious to all the game engines out there. Currently playing with Construct 2.

  • I found this place on tumble

  • I study for Education

  • Hi everyone! I'm newbie here . I'm quite a gamer myself and currently I'm still playing games, especially RPG. Some of my favorite are: Dragon Age Origins & Inquisitions (both are excellent, Origins has exciting story, Inquisitions with dragons slaying part), Witcher 3 (excellent story telling and exploration), Dark Souls (brutal, but fun... if I can progress), Persona 4 & 5 (just recently, and I'm in love with them).

    Currently I'm working on a RPG maker game project with my friends so I think it's better to learn more from people around. And so I hope to learn and share experience with you guys. Thanks!

  • Hi everyone! I'm from Indonesia. This is my first time learning how to make games..

  • hello i had started with construct 2 about 8 months making my first game , It is really awesome program , enjoying using and learning things no programming experience this is great way to learn , though I wish I had more time work gets in the way lol , anyway any one new dont get discouraged if something you are trying to do isn,t working at first keep trying , read and watch allot of tutorials , microsoft virtual academy has a nice course is free to watch to learn basic techniques , any way have creating enjoy seeing other work in acade cant wait for mine to be there

  • Hey guys!

    I'm just an amateur coder looking to share my games with the rest of the community! Hope you enjoy them!


  • Hi, I'm paul and I like to make video games

    I have been using construct 2 for a few months and I am happy to now be a part of the community.

  • Hi, I heard about this game from my video game design class. It has been so fun, but it is very difficult to find. So glad I found it

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