The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Helo i'm suruq .

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  • Hello?

  • Hello .

    I found this software by searching for a "game maker" ; I had an idea for a game but no coding skills.

    and I was able to publish my first game with construct2

  • Hello!

  • Hello,

    my name is Vitor and i'm currently studying game design using Construct 2!

  • Hello community!

    I did a quick web search and found this site. I am excited to start dipping my feet in game development. My final frontier, as it were, is to develop 3D games, but a lot of story telling needs to work its way out of me and this medium seems to be a promising start. If anyone has any advice, let me know!

  • Hi I am Suresh Patel , I am an amateur to the Gaming Field , Actually i am here for gathering knowledge from experts and build my base in it , I am amazed to see how Expert people help beginners like me with our queries and help us understand regarding the topic . I hope i also get the same support and understanding from all . Thank you !!!

  • Hello everyone, just call me encodi, well i was looking for a tool like this for web game development prototyping, and found this one tool, so far is great, i will try it out some more first and then buy it if i like what i see hehe, probably will do.


  • Hello , my name is Reli. I'm new to Construct2 software and game development.

    This software seems easy to learn and i hope to create something.

    Best luck to all..

  • Hello guys

    My name is Carlos and I am from Portugal.

    I discovered this program on the Udemy Site and I am now doing some beginner courses about Construct 2 and I like it. Maybe one of these days I can build a game.

    Best regards to all

  • Olá, sou brasileiro e conheci o Construct 2 buscando na como aprender a criar jogos. Sonho ser programador e seguir carreira na área de criação de jogos.

  • Hey, I'm Casper. I'm from west coast USA, I'm in my twenties, and I've been a software hobbyist for a long time. I've got ADHD that makes it hard to complete projects and comprehend code, so I've come here to see if construct makes things simpler and faster.

    I like sims, RPGs, algorithm toys, and queer/dadaist/artsy microgames.

    Hope everyone's doing good.

  • I am from India.I want to be a game developer because i have interest in softwares and games.

  • Hello, I'm Neto. I'm a Teacher in Brazil and I have interest developer games with my students.

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