The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone.... my name is Olatunde, am new to this , any suggestion on how to get things done.. Thanks

  • Well, I suppose as a right of passage to any new community here I am introducing myself. I'm by day a professional web developer and by night a gamer.

    Hello World.

  • Hi everyone.... my name is Olatunde, am new to this , any suggestion on how to get things done.. Thanks

    Maybe this would be a good start

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Zendrael, web game developer and just registered waiting the Construct 3 to be on public beta!

  • Hello, everyone! I'm Dante! I work as a body piercer and I compose weird industrial and dark ambient influenced music.

    I haven't finished any games, except for a few text adventures I made with Twine a few years ago, but I've been into game design and web design on my own for a long while by now.

    I heard of Construct like 5 years ago, when I started to get interested in making games. At first, I thought it was an extremely simplistic engine, but then I found out that it only looks like that, but in fact it is a very powerful engine.

    Finally, I had a different account, but I forgot the password for the account and the mail that it was attached to. Anyways, it is better that way since I was able to register with my artistic name (methekingofhell). Oh, and I'm extremely excited to try the beta for Construct 3!

  • i am interested in doing games so i started searching for it then i came to know about this from my friend

  • hi,

    im new and i need help.

    i cant make the score appear in my game.

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  • Saw it on some site when I was looking for software for a beginner to make games on.

  • Hello!

    I’m media-assistant from Finland. For few years I have been working with videos, graphics, websites and music but not games. At last I found Construct 2, easy but powerful game engine and this year's goal is to release first game.

  • Hello everybody! My name is Rodolfo and I'm from Brazil. I'm using construct 2 to build a isometric 2D JRPG game and throw myself into the market! I hope I can go far with this tool and get many help as I can! Thank you Scirra!

  • Hola, mi nombre es antonio y soy de españa. Estoy comenzando un projecto con construct 2 y espero poder enseñarlo al mundo.

  • Hello!

    I am an aspiring designer, hoping to start off as an indie developer, working with Construct, Unity, and Unreal, then eventually grow into a small startup in my hometown where stuff like this doesn't exist (despite the provided education in related fields). Yay for rural 'Murica!

  • Heya all!

    I've been poking around for several days now, so I guess I better introduce myself! My name is Alisa, and I'm a professional web and UI designer, as well as front-end developer. I also do illustration on the side. (I like having a lot of hobbies.)

    I've just started recently experimenting with game building, and got sick of doing the long way (aka, actual code...ugh. Syntax is a pain in the butt!) and I am totally ready to crank out some games with an engine. Something I wanna play with!

    Thanks in advance for the help you all will provide on my learning of this awesome software. =]

  • Hi I am MuddyPig. I am 13 years old and due to boredom I decided to learn how to make games.So I found this software by searching and decided to try it out. That's all hope I will learn many things from the forum. Thanks!

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