The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My name is Harsh Poddar. I'm from India and have just started with Construct 2

    Hope to make a good game worth publishing, one day

  • Hi, Guys~~

    I am new to Construct 2. A lot to learn still....

  • I'm a 17 year old from Texas, and I heard about Construct 2 through the internet.

  • 我來自台灣,剛接觸「Construct2」,希望是好的開始~

  • Isn't this wonderful?

    It's very well understandable that users who are under 500 reputations get little access. It's pretty smart for reducing the spams. But, I'm here for a reason: To gain more reputations so I can use Scirra at its full potential for my benefits!

    Straight from the top -- my name’s Russell.

    Pixel Art is a form of Digital Art. Spoiler alert, it’s my favorite kind of art. I’m an intermediate Pixel Artist and wish to improve. I also wish to learn as much as possible from these Scirra forums and tutorials for my use in Construct 2. Even if I may come to a halt on a difficult situation, I can always count on you guys to help me out. Since I’m the type of person with a big imagination, I think putting my creative nonexistence thoughts on a physical platform such as Construct 2 to be perfect! Anything I can imagine. Allowing things to be part of reality, I can’t wait.

    Not like I made a complete game, that’s obviously for the future. My interests has always been Nintendo, but I love games in general, no matter what PC or console the game may release on. I always learn to appreciate, while giving prompt constructive criticism.

  • blzs...

    (((((Olá Mundo!))))

  • Hi everyone

  • TimothyOgg66 showed me this game and i love it if there is anyway he gets reward for this i would reccomend him and i hope he gets many more players

  • Hi, I'm ElenaGubkova.

    I want testing games.

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  • Estou aqui para testar meu jogos

  • Hey all! HelixTortoise here. Just came to introduce myself. I'm a longtime dabbler in games, but only just starting out in game development. I'm excited to jump in and learn.

  • BarrusRho.

    Game Design student.


  • Hi guys, My name is Tyrese.Im from South Africa Pretoria. My passion is making games and I'm starting it here on Scirra I'm sure this will be a great journey for us!!!

  • Say hello

  • Minecraft + Terraria =Mineria ??????

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