The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello forum, AnJet here, i am currently a college student, heard this from one of my teacher, glad i joined :3

  • Hi all! I'm Seb and I'm jumping head on into the great learning curve. Like almost everyone, I have a few great ideas that I would like to convert into video game but I need to Fail Faster (thank you EC)! So here I am!

    I love writing, movies (and how to do them), world politics (working on a blog), video games (and how to do them), AIs, introspection and my wife XD

    I hope all your projects are advancing and I hope to be able to bring something into the community eventually!



  • jgdhgfc

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  • my names William, I'm an 18 year old teenager. I have dark brown hair with blue eyes. I'm 5'11 and weigh around 135-140 lbs

  • Howdy All

  • I am from canada , a game developer.

    I am literally here in search for an answer to my problem.

  • Hello,

    I am a graphic artist from germany

  • My name is Rich and I've worked on a few games, but I'm looking forward to using Construct!

  • Hello, I am Ashton Arnold of Retrocade Media, and I have been using Construct 2 for about 6 years now. Recently I purchased the full version and have been enjoying the freedom that it gives me. I originally found Construct 2 while searching for game creators on google, and was ecstatic when I found this. For updates on my current work, follow me on twitter RetrocadeMedia, and if you have any questions, whether it be about Construct 2 or commissioning me for pixel art, contact me at

  • Hi, I'm Soja from Nairobi in Kenya. I love games and want to develop my own.

  • Hello Guys i'm new here and i'm tryin to make game use construct2 for the 1st time and its hard... so i see this site and i hope u can help me guys

  • Olá Pessoal..

    Sou Brasileiro, conheci o construct há um ano, iniciei alguns projetos de neste período, mas não finalizei nenhum ainda por falta de conhecimento sobre o programa, mas agora pretendo pegar firme e aprender o necessário para meu projeto principal..

    Também vou tentar ser bem ativo aqui no fórum, para adquirir mais conhecimentos aleatórios e ajudar quando possível..

  • Hey i hope you will my games.

  • Hello,

    I am from Croatia and I like Construct 2 becouse is easy to make simple games.

  • Hello, I'm looking for material to introduce children to coding. checkin it out.

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