The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Michael Burnley or cabinboy, whichever you prefer. I like pirates a lot (the "y'arr!" kind) though not as much as game design (and only slightly more than tacos.)

    I've been making games for a little over a year, though I have yet to finish one. As a result I've got a good amount of personal projects open that I switch between working on.

    Oh, and I'm also working on a yet-to-be-released Android game with the company I'm heading. That one I'll have to release so you'll have something of mine to see, eventually. :)

    Excited to get going with this! I'll be entering the HBGames contest. Hopefully I can make something that y'all will like. Well, that's my story. Nice to meet you. :D

  • I am Ivan K. Founder and lead programmer of Black Viking Games. Our mission is to create games that help to make people smarter through the use of physics and history. We decided on using Construct 2 because of our love of HTML5 and its profound potential. "HELLO WORLD"

  • good luck!

  • Hi,

    I hailed from HBGames, joined the forum yesterday after I decided to participate the Construct 2 + HBGames contest. I have never made a game before, despite having played plenty of them, but my creativity has been itching for action and I can't hold it any longer.

    I enjoy telling stories, although rather than telling it in good ole text format, I decided to try a little twist - telling a story in the form of a game. An interactive story, you may say. This is what motivated me to look into the possibility of using a game engine.

    I've researched many engines recently, Construct 2 included. The HBGames contest is going to motivate me to really make something real for once, instead of endlessly planning and researching. I might find myself jumping between many different engines, but for now Construct 2 is my choice due to the contest.

    By the way, I'm a full time office admin and part time IT student (non-gaming development related degree), and game making is just a hobby that I have adopted recently. I don't plan to make anything serious, just want to tell a story!

    That's enough about me. Looking forward to share my creations in the near future!

  • Greetings men and women of the Construct 2 forum.

    I am Phillip Redman, more likely known to none of you around the web as Philly Redsox. I has nothing to do with baseball. I heard about your program from Gamasutra and decided to d/l it. I've been wanting to make games for a long time but the programming hurdles have always kept me from really getting into it so when I saw your approach to it I was really taken with it. I want to say thanks and congratulate England on still being the coolest country ever. This is just another great thing in a long line of great things you have given us.

    Top Gear, Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson, Balls of Steel, The English accent, Winston Churchill, and Steve Coogan just to name a few random great tings that I would list Construct 2 with.

    Keep up the good work with making the program and I'll try to make something worthy of that list from the United States.


  • Hi, i'm new to C2 and i'm making my first game.

    I'll do my best ^^

    Love and regards from Italy,


  • Hi there everyone!

    I'm Terrato, I have the soul of a 15 year old and I LOVE videogames (yeah, I'm not addicted, I'm in love).

    My favorite console is my NES, I still pull all nighters with it sometimes :P it's perfect... and I still gotta try to beat Battlekid...

    I'm making my first serious game, at long last! I gathered two friends who share my interest and we're doing our best to produce a great and fun game, I hope to have a demo out soon to get some feedback from all of you.

    All right, that's it, I guess...

    Check out my stuff at :D

    May the Force be with you all.

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  • Hi everyone

    I'm new to construct 2

    I usually program with c++ and visual basic. This is the first time i'm making a game for web. Construct 2 is a very good game engine. Hope to learn alot from this great community and create some good games.

    Love from a guy from Thailand who lives in Shanghai :)

  • Hi

    My name is Dewaldt Steenkamp "xzalion" and I'm a gamedeveloper. You may follow us here xzaliongames

  • Hi my name is Ahmad, I am a front-end developer building websites using Joomla! and I am stepping into HTML5 new technologies. Hoping to spend some good time here :)

  • Hi, my name's Tony and I'm starting up Tonytown Inc, for computer animation and graphics. I've been trying to create a game for a while now and I've just deserted Adobe Flash for Construct, it's so much easier! I'm looking forward to learning a lot and getting my game up and running (and becoming filthy rich.... mwa-ha-haaaaa!) <img src="smileys/smiley15.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Greetings, my name is Soma.

    I enjoy making games as a hobby, I believe games should be reality+, add as much realism as possible considering the time, resources, and technical limitations, remove any bits of realism that make the game less fun, and add any unrealistic things that make it funner. I also do parkour as a hobby so games where I am weaker than I am in real life are mildly frustrating and frustratingly common, but often it is understandable at least.

    I started using Construct 2 because I wanted to make a game for my friend's birthday. Unfortunately she has a macintosh, so I could not make an Exe*, so I turned to C2, because GM:H was rather expensive. So is C2 actually, but the free version almost was able to handle what I had in mind.

    I actually completed it satisfactorily in C2, but unfortunately because it has 100 events I cannot export it.


    C2 is extremely easy to use, however it loses alot of points in my opinion for no easy frontend for scripting, also for the lack of a competent built in image editor.

    Still very good, not good enough for me to spend 80 dollars on it without a good reason though.


    Edit: Since she is using a Mac she cannot run executables but is capable of running html5 content.

  • Hi I'm Matt

  • Greetings. Im Scott, I just grabbed the Demo Version of C2 and have been consuming the tutorial's. I have to admit my "deveopler" skills are a bit rusty, and I have the artistic talent of a small rock. But I can imagine myself being able to render some very entertaining stuff with this robust compiler. I look forward to working with you all, and not doubt will have MANY MANY questions. Lots of Luck, and get some sleep, the code always looks better in the AM !!

  • Hello,

    I'm Steven and I'm the owner and developer in a little italian software house. I mainly develop scientific software like, for example, tools for efficient buildings analysis and certification. In the last years we're focusing in game development with various platforms and for html5 we're using Construct 2.

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