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  • Hello world Killuminati

    Love games been playing since nes and snes loyal Nintendo fan except for gameboys I stopped Gameboy advanced.

    own 65 games on Steam and countless other hard copies.

    Have alos owned every playstation just the best adult console around hate parents who let there kids play it tho lol

  • Greetings, Fellow Bots!

    Name's Disaraymon and I couldn't be more thrilled to be a new user of Creator 2. I've been doing this stuff a LOooooooooooonnnnNGGG time, but on and off over the years. My last coding experience was Flash, so I'm finding this program SUPER friendly and flexible as can be.

    Looking forward to many more projects with C2!

  • Hi folks,

    I'm software developer and I already have experienced some program languages but now I working more with flash/flex/actionscript. A few days ago I had my first experience with Construct 2 and I liked it a lot. Super friendly and intuitive.

    Like Disaraymon said: "looking forward to many projects with C2!" =D

  • Hiya

    Created a few internal fun things with C2 in prep for a topdown car game, wanting to steer away from flash.

    Liked what I saw, and am quite a chunk through the game itself. Once it's live I'll be able to link it up - but til then you'll have to wait, at least to early to mid april anyway :)

  • Hello one and all. I hail from that small country at the edge of Europe called Portugal. I'm a Computer Engineering student, and I have hopes of one day being a professional game designer/artist. For now, game design is mainly a hobby that has the benefit of filling my portfolio.

    Outside of games, I have a passion for animals of all kinds, even the ones that are not much popular. I also enjoy building stuff, all the way from Lego to the Gundam model kit I built not too long ago.

    I belong to the Pok�mon generation, and never really stopped enjoying the games. There's a fantastic strategic element in those games for those who take the time to look for it. Sonic's also one of those classics that influeced me, with part of my childhood being spent looking at Sonic 2 on display at the local toy shop. I never actually owned a Sonic game before Sonic Advance, but Sonic games would frequently be my first picks for games to play at friends' places.

    One really big, though more recent influence in my game design philosophy is Mega Man. I got to that late, but I loved it as soon as I started playing it, especially the faster-paced X style gameplay. One very important thing I got out of it was how to develop a character horizontally instead of vertically. The so-called "RPG elements" feel empty when all they do is increase numeric values and then the enemies scale with them, so you really don't feel any stronger. Should be called "NCG (Number Crunching Game) elements" instead. Megaman is a good example of doing this right. While there are the occasional vertical upgrades like health bar expansions, most of the upgrades are horizontal. You get to do more stuff instead of just doing the same stuff but better. It's easier to get a feel of powering up when the options you have increase.

    Also, fighting games. I love them, especially the more over-the-top ones like Guilty Gear. One of my dreams is to one day work on the fighter and design the cast.

    I did the tutorial, and started work on a breakout style game as my first project. I'm thinking of having boss battles on this one. What a twist!

    And it's getting late here, so I'll stop here. If anyone wants to ask anything, go ahead!

  • Hello Folks, I'm Kalewind... a newbie to the Scirra Construct world.

  • I am Davis Beasley of Dreamgene Design, it's great to be on the forum. Scirra has created a great product and I will do my best to give back here. Cheers! <img src="smileys/smiley42.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hello all new faces, welcome on the forum

    CyberDagger: Fine analysis, I'd like to learn more about the concept of "horizontal upgrade" (and possibly the megaman mechanics you're talking about).

    Would you mind post something about it in the general game design forum when you have some time ?

    Great introduction and welcome in the community.

  • Hello everyone! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Hi all, first i want to say thank you to scirra to bring out such an awesome software for creating games.

    My name is Handi Wijoyo, live in Indonesia. I'm one of freelance web application developer, know php, javascript, c#, and more progamming language. Playing games is my hobby especially mmorpg. Creating games is my dream.

    I never imagine that a game will be easy to create like this. Thanks again to scirra teams.


  • CyberDagger: Fine analysis, I'd like to learn more about the concept of "horizontal upgrade" (and possibly the megaman mechanics you're talking about).

    Would you mind post something about it in the general game design forum when you have some time ?

    And now I know what I'll write about in the first post of my brand new blog! Thanks a lot for the sugestion. I'll make sure to also post it in the general game design forum, of course.

  • Robin Hood is Advanture Game Used Mancari Treasure, Find Weapon, Performance And Sharing With Friends

  • Hello dev gamer friends. My name is Ricardo Urbano, Brazil Sao Paulo. I am a graduate student in games. I'm a fan of rpg games, puzzle and adventure. I like Manga / Hq, Heavy Metal, Blues Rock and Roll. 30 years, married 10 years Programmer.

    I hope to become a professional game developer using this great tool.

    I also have a blog where he writes history (style Tolkien, Eragon etc). Besides placing the examples of game I try to do.

  • Hi, game community, my name is Guilherme Festas, and i am Portuguese. i am a huge fan of Platform, action, and dodge games. I spent a lot of time searching for an free engine easy to use. i tought i was asking to much, but i found Construct and i am Very happy with it.

    I don't know how to code, so my games will not be very good in gameplay,

    but i bet more on Art and originality.

  • Welcome Arkano! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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