The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello People ! I'm Alex. This site looks great. I am really into this n want to learn more about making games. Hope you guys would help me. :)

  • Hey everyone,

    I'd like to take the chance and introduce myself to this amazing community. I already received help (yes, it was classical graphics card glitch which could easily be solver if I just followed instructions) after the installation and I am amazed by the possibilities C2 has to offer.

    I am a 37yr old project manager from Germany working in a large global corporation in procurement. However, besides this day job, gaming and especially getting creative with games has always interested me. When I owned the RPG Neverwinter Nights 2 I was very inspired by the editor which allowed to create own RPG settings / scenery / stories with the game environment.

    I am also running a small marketing company mainly focussing on promoting my own information products (no stupid weight loss or similar). As I don't want to misuse this forum to market my products: if you have a question regarding presentations (how to avoid death by bullet points, how to prepare and how to present), ask me :)

    What else? Ah yeah, married father of a 13 month old son (at the time writing)...

    Looking forward to learn with this great tool and interact with this community that already helped me.

    Thanks and cheers


  • Hey there, community! My name is Aero but let's not care about that right now.

    I hope to get out of the forum the one thing I need most: criticism. Well that, and a nice community. I want to make my games the best I can, so I'm going to need more than just a few members. Also, I need some nice members. It's gotta be good criticism. Otherwise, I'll just end up being discouraged and worse off than when I came here!

    Creative talents? Uh, well, I like music. And art. But I can't make any professional music or art. In fact, I can barely make music, and my art is decent, at best. Also, Kirby's. I love drawing them.


    Um, game creation? Well, I do plan to use Construct 2, if it's as cool as it looks, or another one of those simple, yet powerful game engines so I can make stuff, you know.

    Music? Um, I'm not big on that, but trance and electronica are pretty neat. Also, check out NemesisTheory's works over at Newgrounds. She's the best. I'm serious. She has so much awesome tracks it's not even funny.

    tl;dr So hey there, and um, I hope to have fun here? I guess?

    Why are there no suggestions for conclusions?

  • Hey, guys! I kinda was wondering, do you guys think you could make a Chrome App for this? It would make it easier to have it in Chrome so you don't have to download the whole thing.

    Just a suggestion. I know it may be impossible, but who knows? Maybe it works.

  • Hi this is Raison Francet. Welcome to this board... <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • <center> Well I guess it is about time<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /></center>

    My Real name is: Dylan

    I am a long time programmer, I got involved in 2007 with the old vb-basic(Now VB.NET) YouTubing a lot of tutorials on Since then I have taken a collage course in c++ and tot myself to fluently code in PHP. PHP is by far my favorite language to code in. I am in Grade 10 and currently code for my schools IT department.

    The reason for my Construct 2 craving I guess is well I had a summer camp in GameMaker. With that being said GameMaker 7 was a fairly poor engine to code in. After disappearing for a couple years, I did a Google search on GameMaker and found that they released GameMaker:HTML. After trying it I got fed up with the UN-useful physics engine, bring me to Construct 2. Yay Construct 2, Made the physics code WAY easier. Literally "A quick drag"

    Also In spare time, I do ethical hacking. Legally... Just exploiting the programs/websites and giving the Programmers on "their" side a heads up. I code also in c++, little Java, Heavey -> and major PHP-Databases, asp, ruby, Little python, Tiny bit of object C and C#

    I think my done my rant... ahaha thanks for reading. Great community here at Construct 2.

  • Hello, Im new. <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • May all your days be filled with bliss and error-free code.

    I got started because of a dice-rolling app for the Nokia N900 lacking certain features and the thought 'I could do better than this!'

    Wanted HTML5 because it is OS-independant, but javascript was really slowing me down. I hope Construct2 will be the trick I need.

    I am training for a cross-country bicycle ride, the name nomad. My N900 and I will be going places.

  • I'm an English teacher in Thailand. I'm interested in making fun ways for my students to learn and review what I teach in class, Construct 2 looks like it might be just the tool I need.

  • I am just a kid who likes to mess around with programming, and C2 is a lot more fun than trying to learn java! I look forward to building many games and helping out the Scirra Community as much as I can.

  • I'm a soon to be college student who's always dreamed about making my own games. I just knew what I wanted to do was make games. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog, when I was one, and I've been playing them seriously ever since. And by seriously, I mean 100% speed runs of games that capture my attention.

    In pursuit of my dream, I've taught myself how to draw, write, and play music. Unfortunately, my talents are fairly limited thus far. But I'm working on that ;)

    Also, like almost every gamer out there, I've planned my own games for years. A more accurate description would be dozens of crazy ideas that are either idiotic or inspired. Which is which isn't my choice though. It all depends on each gamer's interpretation of what they're playing. So we'll see what I manage to create.

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  • hello im new here wats good <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi Everyone..

    im new here..

    just wanna say..

    im feelin soo lucky to found construct2..

    i have browse around but never found better like construct2..

    thanks scirra..

  • Hello guys! I'm a video game maker aspirant and I'm looking to learn a lot of things about this incredible art :D.

    Thanks ;)


  • Hello world Killuminati

    Love games been playing since nes and snes loyal Nintendo fan except for gameboys I stopped Gameboy advanced.

    own 65 games on Steam and countless other hard copies.

    Have alos owned every playstation just the best adult console around hate parents who let there kids play it tho lol

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