The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, i'm Antonio López, and i'm making a university course about videogames.

    I hope i can make good videogames for you to enjoy.

  • Hey everyone, I'm Theo. I'm an indie dev & composer with a degree in Games Design from UCLan in the UK.

    I found out about Construct via Uni and have been using it to make games since Feb 2015. So far I have 3 finished games available to play online. They are called: Spaceship Mechanic, Puck and Snowman Creator. Aswell as 2D games I specialise in 3D environment art and modelling. I also compose and sell music for games online, so if anyone is in need of music, hit me up!

    I look forward to joining in the discussion here

  • Apasionado de los vidoejuegos, estudiante del programa ingeniería de sistemas en la universidad de la amazonia , cuento con mas de 5 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de videojuegos y me apasiona como hobby el diseño 3d

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  • Hello , my name is Acemir Sousa Mendes. I am majoring a Bachelor in Digital Design and really like to make and play video games . I hope we can jam together.

  • Hey everyone,

    My name is Henk, im studying aerospace engineering, i like games.

    Im not yet a game dev or anything like that but i like to be and i hope i can make a game that anyone will be able to enjoy.

  • I am a student from England and make games in my spare time around social stuff and studying. I also do lots of pixel art and make games for fun. I used to play video games on the ps1 etc but I often get bored when waiting for games that I want to play to release. So I make my own instead.

  • yamveryinteresting

  • Hi everyone.

    My name is MehanicalMan. I like to create something.

  • Hi! I'm WhyDotIO and since a child I have adored games and I want to be making them! I love Undertale, Fran Bow, Melanie Martinez and Olly Alexander from Years and Years!

  • Helo, I'm Sigit From Indonesia

    I am interested in construct2 and I want to learn to make the game fun , I tried all ages can use the game that I created later

  • Hello, everyone!

    I'm DIcky Fadli Nugraha from Pekanbaru,Riau, Indonesia.

    I'm a self-motivated person with positive attitude and my passion is for innovation and to win is my inspiration.

    My ambition is to become a software developer.

    My strengths are positive thinking and hard work, self-learning, challenge, dedicated to work, helpful.

    It's great to be finally here. I've been dreaming about the opportunity and possibilities of working collectively.

    Email are fine but nothing beats face to face. Working like this has always been a passion. In my free time of like to sing, take pictures.

    I assure that I can develop with some new concepts in the field I work.

    My goal is to get a respectable position.

    About my family:.

    We are 5 members. My father's name is Kailash Soni and he is a constructor.

    My mother's name is Pushpa and she is a housewife.

    I have brother and sister.

    My short term goal is to prove myself by achieving given targets, to work efficiently and effectively on given task.

    My role is to understand the client requirement.

    That's all.

  • hi

  • Hello there, I'm from Colombia, i'm just curious about this, perhaps something good will come out as a result or not, but I'm looking forward to enjoying the ride.

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  • [quote:2qnpruuo]HELLO I AM A CHEESEBURGER


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