The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi!

    I´m Bighouser and new to the whole developer scene. I hope to publish someday my own little games but in the meanwhile i´m here reading and learning a lot.

  • iam youuber like to play and create games my names is kolediepie

  • A teacher of digital technology. Interested in learning how to use this so I can help students in my class who enjoy making games.

  • Espero poder divertirme mucho y aprender un poco.

  • I'm from the potato farm and I just want to get a basic understanding of video game development. I learned about this site through a YouTube video.

  • hey,

    My name is Noah and Im here because i just want to build a game. playing games is great but I always wanted to be a creator!

  • Good Morning everyone

    I'm Enrico, from Italy, and i started using Construct 2 after a course on Game Design focused on Apps and Urban Games.

    Nice to meet you

  • Laura_D

    If you are part of Scirra's crew, why aren't you a moderator? Sorry if I sound rude, Im not rude, only asking

    No worries, you don't sound rude!

    It's probably because I am still quite new and I hadn't actually thought about that!

    Who knows, maybe one day soon I'll become a mod and start raining down forum justice on you all! Mwahaha!


    I mean, I will become a bigger contributor to these forums.

    And definitely not become drunk on power.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Martin and I'm 12 years old. I am a Nigerian and I have a passion for making games!

  • Hi, everyone!

    I'm 41 years old father of twins that have tried to make games when was a teen.

    I always enjoyed the game art, more than the games itself, I've done some art as an amateur, and a couple of times for clients (flash games).

    Now, my kids (12yrs) are asking how the games are made. So, I've decide to show them by creating one.

    All the best.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am Beezer and I have been dabbling with apps for the past three years. I am here to learn more about Construct and its exciting possibilities.



  • Hello ,I am here to create games and entertain people with the games I make .Enjoy playing my games .Tey will come Soon.

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  • hey all, just made my account

  • Hello.I am an young indie game developer.I have made some games and have my own site

  • Hi, my name is Aldo. I'm from Mexico and I want to make videogames like a jobby.

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