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  • my parent told me about this website and i decided to check it out

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  • Hi there! my name is Vincent and i like to desing a lot mechanics and design for videogames since arround 5 years ago

    and i pretend to learn more about the programming of Construct 2 and other engines to make my works with the time and experience.

    I don't make games apart from an old ASCII Project for baccalaureate that was a Chess game

    I'm studding for Japanesse Teacher in my university and and love the computer hardware and software

    Apart from that well not much, i try to play sometimes a videogame, chill out, listen music and work in a little game

    that i'm making to know more about Construct 2 based in Autorunner

  • I'm just a guy hoping to gain some experience with game design software. Construct 2 is really great in that regard. Simple to use, and easy to learn.

  • From Russia... See video on youtube

  • Hi all, I just downloaded Construct 2 and am getting acquainted with it. This is a good fit for me since I have zero programming experience. I'm going to make a game based on the children's fantasy novel I wrote, and also games about global warming. Willowjune

  • Hi all,

    I am going to learn programming in university and Construct 2 is a good starting point.

    Math is not my strong side, so I hope I learn something and develop my thought process in order to create complex structures and solve problems while working on a game. Thanks to all who help others in need, and to all who read this.

    Cheers, have a good day

  • Hello!

    I am an illustrator who always wanted to make games. While i do know enough programming to write a game in raw Javascript. i decided to check out Construct 2 for a better workflow and so far i am not disappointed. Most of the logic i am used to by now seems to be used efficiently and accessable.

  • Hello, everyone! I'm Bartu, a student in Germany. I've dreamt about making games since I was a child, so here goes nothing!

  • hello!!

  • Hi there.

    I've just downloaded the free version of Construct2 per advice of Nick Sweetman whose course on Udemy has been an excellent primer on game art. I'm not a shill, but the URL is here:

    If Nick is here, Hi Nick!

    A few things about me:

    • I am 42 (just turned), live in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit (no, not Flint!).
    • I'm a married dad with a 7 year old girl who I'm doing my best to make as nerdy as possible to keep the boys away later!
    • I love computers, and have been using them since I was 8 when I started on a Apple ][e. I've been in love since.
    • My job today is a professional nerd by trade doing cloudy things and web things on Linux (LAMP actually) through AWS.
    • I love all facets of creativity on the computer: art, sound, music, gaming, story telling, you name it.
    • I've been around a long time, but I don't bite!

    I hope to create a game with my daughter called "Jupface Mansion" which we are still working on; and I'm recording the entire creation process for my YouTube channel (see profile for more info there). My YouTube channel is about the nerdy things I love to do, big shock. BTW, "jup" is the short name for bulldog in my family (TL;DR our old English bully Angus used to sound like this when he ran: "huppa juppa huppa juppa" as his lips flapped this way and that). Mansion comes from me playing with my daughter indoctrinating her into nerd-dom showing her games that I loved as a kid, one of the most impactful was Maniac Mansion. So we grabbed DOTT from Steam recently and I've been showing her point and click adventures. However, she's more of a platform lover (Shantae is her favorite but I recently showed her Kid Chameleon which she liked too: to see her reactions)

    I'm thinking since I have limited time, and I need a simple platform to teach my daughter how to make games on (which we're learning together I might add, as I only know web nerdery languages such as HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/Ruby/SQL/bash/chef/etc.) and it looks like based on Nick's recommendation Construct2 is a great introduction to just that. I had of course looked at Unity and have a few udemy courses on using that too, but that's a little much for us right now and we're looking for instant gratification here, not a greenlighted steam game. Simply something to share and have fun learning together. If it gets farther than that, great, but the main intent here is to have loads of fun drawing, making music, and creating a game as Father and Daughter.


    • Pixel art
    • Chip tunes
    • Gothic horror (HPL)
    • Roleplaying Games (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.)
    • Programming
    • Generally, making things using nerdy bits

    My Dream (I'm sure this is a shared thing here!):

    To build a game that is fun to play, trying to find that balance of putting all the things I love to do together in 1 medium.

    I do these things for fun:

    • Gaming (duh)
    • Play minecraft with my daughter (we're learning to mod with Forge thanks to the O'reilly book of similar name)
    • DAW/VST nerdery (music making: Ableton Live, Renoise, bungloads of plug-ins)
    • Play guitar (acoustic/electric)
    • Make arty things using art programs (photoshop, krita, xara, et al.)
    • Help people learn about things I also want to learn about

    Stuff and things:

    My Soundcloud:[/li]

    My DeviantArt: (not really maintained anymore)

    On a final note the most inspiring games I've played lately are Crawl, and Darkest Dungeon. <3

    I'm positively pregnant with ideas and possibilities right now, so I'm going to stop talking.

    That's it! Nice to meet you all! Thanks for having a fun place to hang out and learn about Construct 2.

  • hello!!


  • Hi

  • great to see you everyone. hopefully you guys doing well!

  • Hi everyone!

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