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  • Hello Constructors Today I Started Using Construct 2 Which I Saw It On My Friend's Computer It Was Great When I Asked Him What Is This

    He Told Me This Is Construct 2 I Quickly Through The Mouse And Ran Like A Crazy Truck To My House I Started Downloading Construct 2 Directly !!!

    I Was Surprised How Quickly I Made A Top Down Shooter!! Great I Thanked My God That i Found A Program That I Was In JavaScript,Lue,C#,C++ For EONS this One Saved Me!!!


  • Hello I am a nine year old game developer. Sense there is no age limit, I can sign up! Btw thanks scirra! But anyways I love programming and making games. That's why I got construct two! So yeah piece!

    Keep On I Started Programming When I Was 9 And Now Iam 27 And A ELITE PROGRAMMER

  • Hi I am thinking of testing out Construct 2, as I am a one man game developer. Or beter a to be developer. So far I really enjoy this product I saw it on Steam and said hay give it a go, now all I want to do is give it all I got I normaly make games via RPG Maker mv but I did not get the feeling that the game was mine that I was busy making but with this product I get that feeling. Its great to meet you all. And most of all any advice regarding a new and up coming developer will be great thank you all

  • Hi! i've had always dreamed of making videogames. I have very little free time, but i won't surrender

    I've downloaded the free version of construct from steam, i'll buy the full version when my wallet recovers from the last steam sale .

    I've bought some assets, i'm looking for some awesome gun sound fx (i'm making a wild west videogame). I'm not a native english speaker btw. I don't know programming but i'll try anyway.

    I consider myself an expert in old school videogames

    Greetings from Chile!

  • So name is Toasty and I have no idea what I'm doing. They/them pronouns would be appreciated please.

  • My Name is hatum hussain and i am intersted in making games

  • Hi, my name is Itay, and I believe in the power of art-games!

  • Hello Guys! I'm Orlando and I'm very interested in making games! I hope contruct will help me find the way.

  • Hi Guys! I'm from the Netherlands and I'm interested in making games!

  • This will be very basic. My name is Morgan. Most people just call me Moe. I started learning about video games after receiving my specialist certifications for Microsoft. I built one game that I did not like and since then have been working on a new idea. Class of 2017 and future Video Game Designer.

  • Hi im guyalf1 came here to learn programming

  • Hi im marsmallow123 well thats my username but im new here. I like pigs, watermelon & soccor. I dislike spiders, sprouts & football. i found this website i i wanted to register cause this website seems ery cool & yeah thats all i guess i have to say because im not much of a big talker

    thanks for reading


  • hello everyone

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  • Hello, my name is Rita and I am a newbie in software programming and need as much training as I can get, hoping this will help me understand different ways of logic and become a better programmer/developer!

  • hi

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