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  • #HelloWorld

    Hello! I'am 26yo DADgamer from Finland. I'am new on game making genre, but try to learn build up some simple games. Happy to be here!

  • Greetings from Barry Netto I am a music composer who is in development with my own games and apps that I will compose music scores for. I have some credits in the Media arts and Animation fields as well as certificate studies. I use Lightwave3d,poser pro,iclone and some training in maya3d is underway. Construct2 is my new addition to the creative arsenal I have a passion for 3d games,animated films and composing music for it all. Pleased to meet such a great community!

  • Hi! My name is Marisa and I searched this on google to find out how to make a game.

  • hello, I am new here! I hope I can help in a way.

  • hello my name is Aaliyah davis I am 23 years old I love creating video games I have made some when I was in elementary when we had technology we did coding and lots more so since then I have loved them ever since

  • Helllllllllo everybody

    I just post this because apparently, I HAVE to, so, I m just gonna say that I have some good ideas for games, but I don t know how to realize them, hope this is the right place to create what I want...

  • Hello, I may have just started out, but I'm here to create amazing video games that I think people may enjoy.

    Don't worry, if one game is bad, I'll learn to improve what was wrong. I'm totally new to this website, this will actually be the 14th time I attempt to create a video game.

    I made a few other games on, there you will find my first 3 games. Journey of One was one of my most popular games on the list on (I'm known as samuraisack on Sploder, but I'm not popular there).

    I'm really just hoping that people can enjoy my games.

    Other than that, Good Day

  • HI guys,

    I am an otaku. I love anime, manga, and other stuff such as Asian dramas. Lets us all have fun and enjoy playing while being friendly.

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  • Hello,

    My name is Nick. I am interested in using Construct 2 to make mobile games. So far it seems great! I am a freelance illustrator/animator currently residing in San Francisco. If you need any artwork for your games, please take a look at my website to see if you think I would be a good fit for your style!



  • Houdy! i have heard about this in the camp i have just attended! i am interested in continuing my game Damage Inc.

  • I'm Kagiru Zuto

  • i am really exited to make my very on video game

  • Hello I am a nine year old game developer. Sense there is no age limit, I can sign up! Btw thanks scirra! But anyways I love programming and making games. That's why I got construct two! So yeah piece!

  • Hola

  • hello

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