The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello, i am rowan, i love coding and heard about construct 2 from a friend, i hope to make games professionally someday.

  • Hello my name is Tamm, I am from Kentucky and I used construct 2 at OCSS (Oldham county summer scholars program) and I would like to use it on my own

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  • My name is Dylan

  • Hello everyone.

  • hi im someone who since a littler kid loved video games i used to play games liek pokemon but when i was in grade 3 my brotehr started playing league of legends so i looked at the gaem and studied it and made my own game plot and charecters with everything so fro years after makign and desgining over 4000 charecters i decided i wantd to try makign a mmorpg of my own and nwo im amking a website and game and on my way to road of victory

  • Hi! Nice to meet you all!

    My name is...Well I can't really say it but my nickname is Tian! I found this place while searching for a nifty Metroidvania project! Anyways, to all you other devs-to-be, good luck!

  • Hi. Im Shonne, i discovered this game engine recently and still studying on the free version !

  • im orbit yo mama so fat the earth changed orbit

  • Hello,

    I'm checking this game out to see if my campers would like it. Hoping the basic account has enough features and such to make and save out a game. I can see the paid version, where you can make an app, would be way cool for them though.

    Anyway, hello.

  • welp I guess I'm making a game.. oops oh well

  • hi im dreamshadow

  • Hello, people of Scirra! This is my official first post on the forum. Just sayin' hi!

  • #HelloWorld

    Hello! I'am 26yo DADgamer from Finland. I'am new on game making genre, but try to learn build up some simple games. Happy to be here!

  • Greetings from Barry Netto I am a music composer who is in development with my own games and apps that I will compose music scores for. I have some credits in the Media arts and Animation fields as well as certificate studies. I use Lightwave3d,poser pro,iclone and some training in maya3d is underway. Construct2 is my new addition to the creative arsenal I have a passion for 3d games,animated films and composing music for it all. Pleased to meet such a great community!

  • Hi! My name is Marisa and I searched this on google to find out how to make a game.

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