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  • A game enthusiast

  • Hello everybody. Just a beginner game developer. At least trying to call myself like that

  • Hi everyone,

    My's name Andy. I'm developer. I'm living in Singapore.

    Nice to meet you

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  • Hi!!

    I'm Gabriel, a musician and videogame lover from Bolivia. I've just downloaded Construct 2 in order to to create little projects where I can put the stories and the music have in mind. I want to focus in simple storylines, like little interactive short stories with simple game mechanics. So, how do I start?. Do you think Construct is good to tell interactive stories or will I need to learn some code based engines like Unity? Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english.

  • HI !!! I'm Tuan Le. I'm from Vietnam. I'm 15 years old. I go to Stadium High School in Tacoma, Washington, USA. Nice to meet you !!! Find my game at Multiplayer Category, its name is Flappy Alien. It's very fun and addicted !!! Hope you like it !! Subcribe me !! Thank You

  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Dina. I'm developer. I'm living in Egypt.

    Nice to meet you

  • At first, I hope you will appologize myself for my english writing.

    So, I'm a french professor. For the moment I use construct classic for making mathematic version of classic game (like flappy bird, doodle jump...).

    The game are thinking on my classroom. Then I make it in my spare time.

    I'm here to try to understand how to make game with construct 2, but I'm also here to improve my job.

    I'm not a regular game player since 20 years. The last game that I play a lot was Asteroids on Atari 2600.

    Thanks for reading.

    See you on the forum !

  • Hi. My name is Michael. I found this site after carefully researching a few different platforms. I'm a United States Marine Corps Veteran and a Kent State University Alum. I'm currently working to design my first game!

  • Hi All, My name is charles and I'm new to games development. I'm currently working as a software developer based in Malaysia

  • I'm here

  • Hey everybody! 'Smiles and waves shyly" Folks can call me Mutt and I'm happy to meet everyone and finally get some of my ideas out in the world!

    I've been playing all sorts of video games since I got my first PS2 console for my 8th birthday. I graduated from college last year and Game Studies and Design happened to be one of my minors. I've won a couple of awards for game design challenges from and made/conceptualized many well reviewed games for my finals in those classes. Since graduation I've wanted to work in the game industry for a while, but I was too overwhelmed with all of the programming know how you had to have to get in. So I'm hoping I can use this site to get some good old creative juices flowing and just have some fun.

  • Yo im CJ, im 17 and as of this day [6/30/2016] im currently in year 12 studying Interactive Digital Design at The Brit School. Im hoping to go to Hertfordshire Uni to study 3D Games Art & Design and then make video games.

    thanks for listening lads

  • hello, i am rowan, i love coding and heard about construct 2 from a friend, i hope to make games professionally someday.

  • Hello my name is Tamm, I am from Kentucky and I used construct 2 at OCSS (Oldham county summer scholars program) and I would like to use it on my own

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