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  • aut student

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry for not properly introducing myself earlier but I'm Daniel, a gamerdad who's close to reaching 40, who got inspired to learn about game creation after watching the kids fiddle with craft types of games

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  • Hi, gamers, rs.

    Well I'm love developer software for web and desktop, now start in games. I prefer .net and client side js for deve web and now lets goo start with Constructor.

    I live in SP brazil, and lets goo play games, if anyone like share experiences with deve games I very aprechiet.


  • Hello, I.C. here. I'm from asia and ever since I was 8, I have always wanted to create a game of my own. I like roleplaying games and adventure games. I searched up game maker and the first option was construct 2. So I decided to check it out. I don't want to add in too much information, But thanks!

  • Hello I am xXDogeLordXx22 and I will end up being a game developer. I live in Australia, Melbourne. I will be working with RedEnder to develop games. I will be in the Contract Games studio. We will be working on FPS, RPG, 2D, 3D, Freeroam and much more.

  • Hello I'm a local artist checking this out 😊I'm in canada wanting to make some games ^_^

  • OR AM I

    I'm From California

  • Hi developers,

    I am from Italy and I'm having great fun with construct 2

  • Im from the US. I've tried game maker a little bit. Made it through the tutorial for basis platformers. Thought coding was a bit of a hassle. So here I am trying out construct. Hopes are high.

  • Whats up guys? Introducing myself to earn some reputation points kkkkk

    I'm brazilian, I'm studying at Redzero in Niterói - RJ - Brazil

    I intend to make a platform/musical game about Rock /m/

    Until the end of the year I'll comment more about this game at this forum

  • heyy,, my name is ubai, im from indonesia.. im very interesting to make game especially for android mobile.. is there any member from indonesia too? contact me, i want to learn more.. and i hope i can give something too (contribute) to this forum.. id Line : ubai25

  • Hello, my name is Trenton, Founder of Cubical Creations. I started this indie company in hopes that I can make people happy by making games, videos, etc. I first heard about Construct 2 when I was watching YouTube videos about making video games. It was all very complicated and I just didn't have the time on my hands. Then I found a video about Construct 2, and I was hooked. I hope to make great games for people to enjoy

  • Hello My name is SouloWolf1337 and I'm new around here. I'm a 28 yo male Army Veteran that lives in North Georgia, U.S.A. I've been using the free version for about 6 months or so now and have finally decided to upgrade to a personal license. I've read a lot of tutorials and watched YouTube videos trying to learn things on my own. I've never been really big on social media because of all the haters and whiners, but with that being said, I look forward to being a part of this growing community. I've already started a few projects in the free version and reached my event limit, and can't wait to continue on and improve these projects. I am mostly interested in making platformer's and RPG's (at the moment), but will be dabbling in various mobile app designs along the way.

    If you have any tips or suggestions please feel free to PM me. Thanks to all the writers of the very detailed tutorials for all the help, and A BIG THANK YOU to the Dev's for this awesome software.

    Your new friend,


  • A game enthusiast

  • Hello everybody. Just a beginner game developer. At least trying to call myself like that

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