The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi all,

    My name is Deryl Downey. I'm a 45 year old college student living in rural Kentucky. I'm learning game design because it seems fun! Gives me something to do beyond farm work too, lol!

    See everybody around the forums!

  • Hello, I want to build apps. That's why i joined. My name is Kevin and I live in Texas.

  • Hello, I'm Eliseo from USA. I'm hoping that getting Construct 2 will be my big first step into game programming. I heard about Construct simply from looking up a good program and I heard high praise of it. Best of luck for everyone.

  • Hi Guys,

    Glad to see you all, I'm noob here.

  • sup my name is mint i like cartoons and books and making animations

  • Hello people, I am an hobbyist game designer, who's learning to design games on construct2. Planning to make the game designing my career. Currently resides in Lahore, Pakistan. Tried to get a job at a game studios in Lahore, but nobody wants a noob designer or an artist. Someone recommended me the software construct2 and its official forums are the best place to learn about game design. Thank you!!!

  • sup my name is mint i like cartoons and books and making animations

    Hello, Mate, how r u? Are you new to game new to game design?

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  • my teacher said to me this would help

  • Hello, I am entering my junior year of college this fall (2016) and my father runs some of the game courses at my university. Now that I have no other engagements I can dive head first into game dev. and learn all I need to in order to start a career in something that I love art/video games! I'm excited to begin and any help/suggestions are welcome

  • Hi! I am a new and possibly next big developer.

  • Hello World, I wanted a tiny Rep Boost..

  • Hello,

    I really want learn how to program

    to create my own games, cuse create games is like create a new world where we can realize

    our own dreams and dreams from other peoples. Nice to participate this comunity and lets have

    some funny learning programing in construct 2.

  • Hi guys... I've been around computers and fooling around with computers for years now.. tried Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (came from Multimedia Fusion), tried some programming in C, Java, C++, and a few other PL, Game Maker, but most of the time I'm doing nothing really serious and just dillydallying.

  • Hello. My name is David and i am an 11 year old who wants to get started in creating games. I found this in a OfficialNerdCubed video, and i haven't tried this yet. I've tried Unity, but right now i don't think it's right for me right now. I hope this will put me in the right direction.

  • Hi,

    I'm zanycore (that's my developer alias). I am an Android programmer. And have built 2 games and 1 app that are on Google Play (FlatCube, Tail Biter Snake and Private Viewer).

    I heard about Construct2 today and downloaded it about 6 hours ago and am in the process of learning it.

    What attracts me to Construct2 is the seeming rapidity of development. I have a background in Android (Java) and JQuery and know how time consuming it is to build a game in any of these languages. Construct2 apparently makes this implementation super fast (hopefully. I shall check this for myself in the days to come).

    I just chanced upon Construct2 while searching something on the Net. In fact I hadn't even heard of Construct2 today morning !

    Well, am happy to be part of the Construct2 community.



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