The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everyone !

    It's really nice to be a part of such great community. I am using Construct 2 for some time ,

    I like to design simple games , my other interests are Pixel art and Music.

  • Hello my name is Gustavo Luis de Sousa Machado, like anime and games but especially games in 2d . I am Brazilian and I am 13 years old, do birthday July 10th and will make 14 years this year . In future i will buy the Construct 2 and i will create my games without limitation, greetings to all and thank you!!!

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  • Hello everyone. Im Daniel, an Architect, designer, artist and ardent gamer with dreams of crafting interactive experiences that delight and inspire.

  • Hello i am Oliver Southworth from upstate New York, i currently attend college as a cis major. My attitude towards games is that if i want them better why not try to make one myself. So i looked up gamming software through goggle engine and your brand was near the top of the list. I been reading about this a few days and just downloaded the construct 2 software. I cant wait to test it out and be able to inherit skills in this type of game creative field. Shout out to the team Ashley Gullen (founder), Thomas Gullen (founder), Roger Henderson (managing-director), Diego Marquez (javascript developer), Julien Fantoni (support), and special shout out to Paulo Ricardo Reinehr (Graphic Designer) because i love graphics. Thanks SCIRRA this will help me in my venture of creating games.

  • Hello!

    I have dabbled in construct 2 for along time and also have some experience with game maker.

    I've gone back and forth on both but I am leaning more towards C2 .

    There are more examples of full/finished games with Gamemaker.

    But I think C2 has just as much potential to be great. I want to make a game that becomes the example for what C2 is capable of.

    There is always more to learn and I am by no means an expert; but someday I hope to be.

    Making games has always been a dream of mine and just recently I have begun to pursue that dream with everything I've got.

    Tyler ~

  • Hi there!

    I am a software developer and also gamer. Now I want to venture into game development!

    I hope this community can help and receive help in the problems that may be appearing when creating new projects.

    Yes, I have answered the thread with the intention of winning reputation, lol.


  • Hello, Im Robert have been working in IT since 20 years back now, and finally have some time to have a little look at

    something i have always wanted to do, simple games ,-).... I have a lot to learn on here, so I apologise for any stupid questions I will probably ask in the future. Hi for now ,-)


  • Hello World!

  • i am a indi developer and i really like to make games and i have seen c2 its looking awesome i am willing to learn c2 and will see what i can do with this c2

  • Hi, I've been here a long time but never introduced myself my name is Carlos or you can call me SquareFox if you have any questions send me a message and I will see what I can do and hope you guys have a great day (studying to be a software engineer).

    My game:

    My GameJolt game:

    My Background Generator Engine in the Construct 2 Store:

  • I'm a mother wanting to learn how to code to be able to teach my kids as they grow! I figured learning how to code games would be a fun way to get my kids involved.

  • Hey I'm Ethan and I thought I would give this a try

  • instead of playing, I try to make game.. It's just a hobby.

  • Hi,

    Just like to say hello to you all from not so sunny Scotland.

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