The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi!

    I'm Cristina from Portugal!

  • Hello,

    I'm Fatih from Germany. I have a long history in game creation but never actually released any of them. One quiet evening I remembered the good ol' Klik'n'play times and searched for a modern alternative and here I am. I'm currently actively working on an idea and trying out different things to accomplish my goal.

  • I'm Mathstr0. I'm a young (9 y.o.) programmer, and my first language was Scratch. I love programming and have done it for 2 years. I also enjoy drawing. That's me! <("<)

  • Hi.

    I'm Steve.

    I am looking forward to experimenting with Construct 2 to create games with my kids!

  • Hi, Im from Peru, I am 25 and want start to making awesome games with C2.

  • Hello,

    My name is Sorin and I'm a huge fan of Contra and Double Dragon series, especially the 8-bit ones.

    I came to Construct to, hopefully, create my own game without needing to learn coding (which I wish to learn as soon as possible, I'm in really need of it).

    Anyway, I hope I can builld my dream game and find fans of these games to work with.

    See you, around!

  • Hi!

    I'm ThePowerPlayer, and I have always wanted to create my very own video game, but at first, I didn't know how.

    I spent hours looking for the perfect game-making software, and eventually I came upon Construct 2, BUT I actually didn't get it at first, not knowing of its full potential.

    A long time later, I found Construct 2 again, and this time, seeing how simple it was and what you could make with it, I downloaded the free version.

    I hope to make lots of fun games and purchase the full version soon!

  • Hello my name is Alex I come from Indonesia , I hope i can make my own game without having to learn a programming language using contruct 2. thank you so much

  • Hey! My name is Filipe! I'm from Brazil and my dream is to work with game development as a programmer and use some engine. Now trying Construct 2 for an indie 2D pixel isometric tribute game Thanks, cya!

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  • Hej tu sim8989 Witajcie

  • Hello. I had ideas about making vid-games since I saw the first vid-game back in last century. I even studied programming, but my knowledge in that field are very basic (zx spectrum basic, that's it), so the ideas were just ideas. But now, after I found we can use game editors to make something we want, well, I was going to say my big thanks to the people who made it possible. The best way of saying it was buying a license of Construct 2. Now I will try and learn, maybe I will make my dream vid-games, maybe not, but regardless of the outcome, I feel satisfied already. Thanks, Scirra!

  • Hello everyone !

    It's really nice to be a part of such great community. I am using Construct 2 for some time ,

    I like to design simple games , my other interests are Pixel art and Music.

  • Hello my name is Gustavo Luis de Sousa Machado, like anime and games but especially games in 2d . I am Brazilian and I am 13 years old, do birthday July 10th and will make 14 years this year . In future i will buy the Construct 2 and i will create my games without limitation, greetings to all and thank you!!!

  • Hello everyone. Im Daniel, an Architect, designer, artist and ardent gamer with dreams of crafting interactive experiences that delight and inspire.

  • Hello i am Oliver Southworth from upstate New York, i currently attend college as a cis major. My attitude towards games is that if i want them better why not try to make one myself. So i looked up gamming software through goggle engine and your brand was near the top of the list. I been reading about this a few days and just downloaded the construct 2 software. I cant wait to test it out and be able to inherit skills in this type of game creative field. Shout out to the team Ashley Gullen (founder), Thomas Gullen (founder), Roger Henderson (managing-director), Diego Marquez (javascript developer), Julien Fantoni (support), and special shout out to Paulo Ricardo Reinehr (Graphic Designer) because i love graphics. Thanks SCIRRA this will help me in my venture of creating games.

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