The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hi i am louis i am 11 and i live in england. i like football and xbox, but i hate marmite and curry.

  • Hello I Am Trevor Brown, I Live on Kauai. I am a Game Developer. and i wanted to find a new way to Make games. I Normal use x-code. but then i found this this is much easier. I started developing when I was 8. I am 15 Now.

  • Hi! I'm Martin. I live in England and am just starting out on my game dev journey. I tried unity, but its a little too complicated for what I want to do. I got interested in game development when I was only 7, and I am currently 14. See you around!

  • I am a person who used to go by the name of TheAmazingApple. My new name is Unlimited Trees. I have an unlimited amount of trees.

    Anyways, all terrible jokes aside, I am just some random person who played lots of Sonic games back when I was little. I played all 4 of the classics, and even the horrible Sonic 06 game. I have been inspired by the original Sonic games' level designs. And I have been making most of the levels in my unknown project have a similar design to those of the sonic games.

    By the way, I am that one Sonic fan who is actually good. And unlike the other 99% of the horrible fandom I'm in, I don't make terrible OCs. But I am still a shitty person inside.

    Also, I am a huge asshole to everyone I meet. Please stay away from me as I will most likely try to eat you

  • hello

  • TheAmazingApple

    This forum is visited by all age groups so please moderate your language.

  • ok

  • Hi! I am Ann. And I a new user for construct 2

  • Hello everybody, I am just someone who is wanting to become a game dev and make great games. I enjoy games like fallout and other rpgs. I hope I get to learn from the community and make some friends! See ya!

  • Hi!, I'm Fausto. I live in Mexico and love the games , I'm novice in construct 2 hope to learn something from it

  • I'm new to Scirra. I find it much easier to use than game maker. Hopefully I get acclimated pretty quickly.

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  • Is this a common thing to do? I don't know. Let's hope so lol. Just seeing where this goes, I like games even though I can't play any at this point in time lmao.

  • Hey developers!

    My name's Heinz, independent game developer, digital artist and music producer from South Africa. I've had a great time developing with Construct since my transition from Stencyl. I made a couple of android games, latest release which i personally love is "Titan's Tower" and would appreciate if a few fellow dev's can review/rate it on Google Play.Shout out to Scirra Team, love and respect.

    Thank you for the service and well functioning system,


    Remote Pineapple Games

  • Hey there. My name is Indigo.

    I mostly do 3d stuff but I am interested in branching out.

    I haven't used this engine in a while, since my first term in school actually so its been about two years.

    But I'm getting back into it!

    Any tips welcome.

    Thanks guys.

  • Hi, I am Cyndi and excited to start!

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