The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everyone, I am a computer science major who is just trying to find something to do during the break. So why not learn how to use Construct 2.

  • Hi, i'm newbie here

  • Hi

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  • Hello, I am using this program to make a videogame for my younger brother as a Christmas present.

  • hi i am new thank you

  • echo "Hello World."

    echo "I'm just a noob."

    echo "Is this really work?"

    echo "Nice to meet you all."

  • Hello all! I am a Games Design major graduate from QUT, with a game already released and live on indieDB. I have this account and the engine to branch out to new stuff!

  • Hello everybody! I'm a pupil from the Norwegian secondary school - Bjørnsveen! I make games for fun, and I'm very concentrated on making my games look as good as possible! The design is very important for me, as I believe it makes the gaming experience a whole lot better. My goal is to become a game producer who creates content as good and cheap as possible without a team, all on my own!

  • Hello c:

  • Hey guys!

    I'm an upcoming Construct 2 user, I have been on the site for years but I now think I'm ready to make my 1st Scirra game! I can't wait to share what I'll make.

    Outside of Game Development, I work as a 2d animator. Grew up in Zimbabwe Africa, learned Graphic Design in Durban, South Africa. You'll be seeing more of me soon.


  • Im a simple coder/youtube i was looking for a good program i found this and its pretty nice

  • Hi all,

    My name is Keeghan, and I am from New Zealand down tat the bottom of the world!

    I'm a full time IT worker, Mostly doing Server and Database admin work as well as some desktop and sales stuff.

    In my spare time I record YouTube videos, make games, and study Kyokushin Karate.

    Somehow I manage to fit a fiance in there too, and she hasn't complained too much!

  • Hello Everyone,

    My real name is Aldrick. I'm from Malaysia. I wanted to learn how to developing games because...well I'm a hardcore MMORPG gamer especially World of Warcraft. I'm addicted to some games that very simple yet need more knowledge & effort to win for example is City Building Games. I wanted to learn develop games because I heard I get paid for it if I succeed to launch one and make it famous. Well just heard it not sure true. I'm just addicted to games so much that I wanted to part of it. My weakness is I don't know much about programming. Might be tough for me then but I don't mind learning. Well thats it. This is the REAL me.

  • opaaaa

  • Hi

    I'm interested in learning how to use Construct2 and build games

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