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  • Hey!

  • Hi folks, I'm Pete Baron, currently evaluating C2 free version to see if it speeds HTML5 development up for me.

    I've been writing Flash games for years (insanehero dot com) and before that worked on all sorts of platforms right back to the Commodore 64 in the '80s.

    Really enjoying most of what I see in C2 so far, just having the usual 'new environment' problems.

    Possibly the biggest stopper for me will be that I seem to be trading programming development time for tedious animation construction time... I'm not a fan of the animation sprite-sheet system as it's currently implemented, but maybe that will change if I discover some new time-saving tricks.

  • Hi

  • Hi

    You can call me "J". One of my friends started making really cool looking Nuclear Throne esq like game using construct 2, so that got me interested in making one and I'm pretty exited for all the things that can be done with this program!


  • Hi my name is Iohann

  • Hi All,

    I'm Duncan and I'm looking forward to playing around with Construct2. Looks awesome from what I have seen so far. I'm interested in how to effectively create these games from a more responsive screen perspective or at least understanding an an efficient way of creating a basic framework for a game and easily adapting to output multiple sizes of a game instance to cater for portrait/landscape and a host of sizes (rather than just scaling down/up the original output).

    Anyhow, that's me. Off to play.



  • Hello !

    I am Armany, 2D Game artist. I wanted to go ahead and try to make my own games with my own art instead of just supplying the arts and i have been advised to come here


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  • Hello guys!

    I'm Lucas, from Brazil. I'm TI student from Estácio de Sá College. If my english wasn't good enough, my apologize. i've never made any English class or course, just learn everything that i know playing video games

    So, in my college i saw the construct icon in my PC in the class and became a little bit curious about that. So i look for it (google) and discovered this.

    My objective is create games as profession.

    Nice to meet you, guys! Let's Play!

  • Welcome, y'all! Been here a little bit now, very nice place. Also Construct is the bee's knees.

  • Hey everyone, haven't posted here yet so figured why not.

    My name is Cobra and I'm from Australia.

    Game creation has been my passion for pretty much my whole life and I'm really happy to have finally found Construct 2. Below is my history so far...

    Commodore BASIC - Unsuccessful

    MUGEN - Put together a couple free Vampire Hunter mods

    RPG Maker 2000 - Started a fan game called Snatcher RPG

    The Games Factory - Unreleased Tetris clone called GemTrix

    RPG Maker XP - Didn't get very far so wasted money really

    Multimedia Fusion - A lot of concepts and menus created... nothing more

    RPG Maker VX - Bought a license but never ended up doing anything with it

    Power Game Factory - My first actual game release: Soulless

    BlitzMax - My second game and the first to make it onto the Mac App Store: Powerslam

    Stencyl - Recreated Soulless with it but then their next update broke the game entirely

    GameSalad - Recreated Soulless again so it could finally find its way onto App Stores

    Those are all the main ones, but Construct 2 is my favourite of the bunch. It makes me happy GameSalad became greedy and now charges a monthly fee for anyone to even have access to their creator. I knew of Construct but since I'd have to run it in VirtualBox never tried it. Turns out despite running it in a virtual machine, Construct 2 outperforms GameSalad by miles. Heck, what took me weeks to do in GameSalad, I've recreated in Construct 2 in days. Really happy with Construct 2, just wish I made the switch sooner...

  • I am Eliz and I heard that Construct is a very good programming language or platform for building games and we can share the game easily to anywhere we want. That is why I start to use. I am only a student but I love programming very much. ^[]^

    The programming languages I am learning/ I have learnt:

    Python (I learn this programming language first)

    Ruby '|

    Javascript |--- I am still learning them.

    C++ |

    Unity .|

    App Inventor (Use for creating Android apps)

    Scratch (easiest, it is for making games only.... maybe presentation and birthday card...)

    I am not a good programmer but I love to do it in my free time.

  • Hi!

    I'm Hormonella.

    I want to create games but i have no programming skills so Construct is perfect for me!

    As of writing this i have only created one game, a clone of pong. Wich a followed a tutorial to make.

    I really think i will have good use of this forum

  • Hi my name is Bertrand, im an Artist. So here i am learning construct for some new duties at work.

  • Hi C2 Community!

    Guess I'm no spring chicken anymore. My name is Tobias, Web-Designer (little bit of programming and some art/design skills). New to C2 and lovin' it.

  • Hello there !

    I'm Luca from Italy, new to programming but want to try out with Construct 2 and see what can i do.

    Have fun all.

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