The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Been doing games for a bit. Usually hire someone for ideas else but want to see what I can do with all these source codes I am finding for c2.

  • Hello I want to make best games

  • Hi there! I am new to gaming and Construct 2 came highly recommended. I hope to learn a lot in this forum.

  • Hi everyone! My boyfriend makes games and I like to play them so here I am on Scirra (: I have a very small amount of programming experience but nothing really useful. Came to check out something he made and also just scope out the site. Seems like a great community!

  • Hi All! Admired the software for years and finally decided to purchase it.

  • Hi, I'm a game graphics student and just downloaded the free version of construct 2. This might become my new prototyping tool and maybe I'll try making complete games too.

  • Hello I'm A Young Kid Who Enjoys Coding and Game Dev

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  • Hello, I'm a writer and doodler. My friends and I decided to give creating a game a go so I'm here to learn what I can (be gentle to a newbie please!)


  • console.log("hello!");
    var expectedOutput = "GREAT games!";[/code:ucpn5lkq]
  • Good day, everyone!

    I'm Dee. I don't have any prior programming experience,interest, nor favorite games. I just have simple ideas for apps and it cost too much to have someone develop them.

    One of the game sellers recommended Construct 2 if I need to edit his games. C2 looks pretty good so far.

    I'm writing this so I can get some reputation coins What are they for anyway?

    Before I sign off, I have a dumb question: Why does this thread have the oldest post first? Maybe you want the oldest post first since Deadeye is supposed to show us how to introduce ourselves. His post can be static. Wouldn't it look more updated if we have the newest post first? Anyway it's just my thought. Do I get a penny for my thought?

  • Hello! I am 0ElectricGamer0 i was first introduced to game making in middle school through scratch, then i tried to learn programming, but quit. So hopeful this will re spark my love for game making

  • Hi i like ya.

  • Hi ! everyone

    This is Lucky Rawat from India, a graphics designer in business newspaper company. I am a non-programmer. Here i found myself as a programmer which feels me like awesome and i have found lots of helping hand here. This is a great experience of my life.


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