The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello My name is Sebastian

    I found out about this site when looking up cool things on the internet

    I would like to make games so this seemed like the perfect thing for me.

  • I'm from China, and now I'm studying computer engineering in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I heard of this game design software from a professor. I'm gonna use this tool to develop an original game with my friends.

  • Hi all my name is Yvonne

    I was looking for how to write games without any experience, and came across this program.

    I have very little skill in writing games, but was able to make my first game after looking at the tutorials.

    It is very easy to use and to understand.

  • im Amelia and I love me ha ha lol

  • hey new here any good games i should play or tutorials to read, taking reccomendations

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  • Hello I'm Gabriel, and I already have a game almost done, I've been developing everything alone, but now I need help with some stuff, so that's why I came here to the forums

  • hi i just joined construct 2 aiming to join the underground game jam. i how i can finish my game and learn construct 2 in a day or two.

  • Hi I am new, I'm looking forward to create a multiplayer video game that you can get around 100 players in a map instance. I'm hoping I can get any help on here because game maker studio was to hard and there tutorials and codes really didn't help. This game will be similiar to this one, , but I will have more to it such as Different weapons, teams, and a Storyline for 1 player or even a 10player storymode/ dungeon against AI enemys. I think this Would be in the Platformer game category.

    If anyone would like to join me in the process in making this game please let me know?

    I will be trying out this soon wish me luck.

  • Hi, i'm new here and I'm really into metroidvanias (castleroids). I found construct 2 after looking for an engine to develop an idea I had recently.

    PD: I'm not writing this for the badge and the reputation.

  • Hi, i'm new here and I'm really into learning Construct2 as I believe it is a great platform. I found construct 2 after looking for an engine to develop an idea I had recently. Lets hope it works out

  • hi

  • haha

  • Hello World !, I hope I can be a Good Game Developer..

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