The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, i'm new here and I'm really into learning Construct2 as I believe it is a great platform. I found construct 2 after looking for an engine to develop an idea I had recently. Lets hope it works out

  • hi

  • haha

  • Hello World !, I hope I can be a Good Game Developer..

  • Hi all

    I hope you are all doing very well. My name is Ahmed and I am an Indie game developer, who is trying to find out a great tool not only for Game Development but for Prototyping. I hope Construct 2 will give me that great experience that I am looking for.

    Thank you

  • Hello all

    I'm a hobbyist game/software developer and usually work directly with C++/C#/Java but have also recently tested GameMaker Studio. I have come here to test and compare Construct 2 with my current way of working.

  • Hi everyone, i love making games. Im here to learn and share!

  • Im 14, From New Jersey, and really badly want to be a software engineer. Im sort of good with computers and i dont feel im good enough. I want to get into game designing!

  • Hello everyone! Im 27 and came to learn about this awesome tool!

  • I just want to play the skilful game

    I make the game for myseft firstly.

    If you like my game too, I'm also happy to share our passion

  • I'm not a computer genius, but I have some great ideas for games in my head that I want to turn into realities. I wasn't around during the old-school platformer era, but I used some emulators and discovered my love of sick action platformers. This proram seems like a good way to make stuff, so I guess I'll start my career here.

  • Hello,

    I am Samuel Hallmark a ICT student going onto Uni. My teacher recommend me this site to try my hand out at game design.

  • Hey guys!

    I'm a "one-man company" called Arclight. Working on apps for android. Current project ArcTap. I'm here to share and learn

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  • Hey ya´ll!

    I´m a first year animation and game development student from finland

    I found construct 2 trough my school about 3 weeks ago and fell in love with it at first try!

    I´ve loved playing games since a very early age and I am 29 now. It has been a lifelong dream to make my own games too and it´s becoming a reality!

    Can´t wait to connect and learn and grow with all of you here o/ BIG UP

  • Hey all, I'm new!! lol But I learn quick and will be here for a while. ttyl

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