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  • Hi my name is Oliver and i want to get into game development.

  • I am Ashley, from Lakeland Florida, and I heard about this from a freind.

  • Hey fella's I'm new around here! I am a student pursing computer science. I am a professional blogger & app developer. It helps me earn some bucks for my tuition and little extra bucks. I heard about scirra, till now I have only developed applications, yet I thought it will be a good idea to explore building games. Would definitely like to meet and get to know new people here. Who knows may be things could go well and I could pull of something big with a partner.

  • Hi all,

    There's not much to say about me as I am just starting to play with Construct 2, but the guys at Scirra were pretty adamant that I would write an introduction here and they promised me 25 point and an introduction badge if I did so....

    Well, I guess I can do them this little favor. Besides I love badges ever since I earned my 25m free swimming badge at the municipal swimming pool.

    So here is me:


    Name: Niklas Oberfeld ( N. Ob...= Enn-O-Bee = ennobee ... you get it?)

    Previous lives: Grew up in the seventies, learned to code in the eightties. Proud owner of a Sinclair SX. Made about a dozen cheesy videogames. Studied electronics in the nineties as there was no real curriculum on computer sciences at that time. Worked as a low level programmer for some time while trying to make it in my spare time as a graphic artist and singer-songwriter. Then married my girlfriend and moved to America with her into a quite suburban life without any programming or artistic challenges.

    Current life: I'm a blue collar stiff rapidly nearing his fiftieth birthday. I spend my time moving crates in a warehouse according to where the computer system tells me they should go. I use my computer mostly to design patterns to build nifty thingies with my scrollsaw.

    ...and recently I discovered Construct 2 and decided to get back in the swing of making cheesy videogames

    Loves: sunshine, thunderstorms, cats, my wife, getting a well-deserved beer after a hard day's work. Good music, bad music, even Carly-Rae Jepsen's music. Coffee, lots of coffee, even more coffee... Mexican food. Board games, Role playing games, war games. All things geeky, all things history, all things aircraft. ... and since recently making video games with Construct 2

    Hates: I try to live my life without any hatred. True, some stupid stuff may get my blood boiling every now and then, but I do my best to shake it all off and never go to sleep mad. Most of the time I succeed. Mortal enemies are for use in games, not in real life.

    Games written on Construct 2: none so far

    Games currently working on: Don't know, is there a 'Hello World' game in the tutorial? I think there should definitely be 'hello world' game...

    When I am not programming, I am: probably working, or too worn out from working to do anything. Making wooden model airplanes on my scroll saw, surfing the web on my cell phone, leaving witty insights on geeky discussion boards, watching reruns of Doctor Who, cuddling with my cats, trying to be a good husband.


    Okay. So I guess I earned my badge. Now let's see how this Construct 2 game making works out.

  • Hello My name is Sebastian

    I found out about this site when looking up cool things on the internet

    I would like to make games so this seemed like the perfect thing for me.

  • I'm from China, and now I'm studying computer engineering in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I heard of this game design software from a professor. I'm gonna use this tool to develop an original game with my friends.

  • Hi all my name is Yvonne

    I was looking for how to write games without any experience, and came across this program.

    I have very little skill in writing games, but was able to make my first game after looking at the tutorials.

    It is very easy to use and to understand.

  • im Amelia and I love me ha ha lol

  • hey new here any good games i should play or tutorials to read, taking reccomendations

  • Hello I'm Gabriel, and I already have a game almost done, I've been developing everything alone, but now I need help with some stuff, so that's why I came here to the forums

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  • hi i just joined construct 2 aiming to join the underground game jam. i how i can finish my game and learn construct 2 in a day or two.

  • Hi I am new, I'm looking forward to create a multiplayer video game that you can get around 100 players in a map instance. I'm hoping I can get any help on here because game maker studio was to hard and there tutorials and codes really didn't help. This game will be similiar to this one, , but I will have more to it such as Different weapons, teams, and a Storyline for 1 player or even a 10player storymode/ dungeon against AI enemys. I think this Would be in the Platformer game category.

    If anyone would like to join me in the process in making this game please let me know?

    I will be trying out this soon wish me luck.

  • Hi, i'm new here and I'm really into metroidvanias (castleroids). I found construct 2 after looking for an engine to develop an idea I had recently.

    PD: I'm not writing this for the badge and the reputation.

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