The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi there guys. Just joined the family. So exited to be here.

  • Oi, nubbies!

  • my name is hafiz, i'm 18. i know about construct 2 from this site : membuat game android/ .... thankyou

  • Hello, my username is sivictank123 because i use that everywhere else, so why not here?! I want to make a game. That is my plan. I will make a game. Just wait and see... What? Can't a man have a little confidence? Hahaha...

    Oh, and i found out about construct 2 ... Well, story time.. A long time ago, in a gal... I MEAN. I wanted to make a game, as you probably know already, and i found out that somebody else, a student, i think, had to write about game developing, and he was constantly saying, that construct 2 is the best,, the easiest, the most, bla blah blah... So anyway, i'm here....

  • Hello! I'm new here and interested in making a multiplayer orthogonal RPG. I started using Python and Flask to make a web based multiplayer RPG and the further a long I got I realized I wanted more for the game than just simple text and html based graphics.

  • I'm Leo, and I always wanted too make games. Once my friend told me about Construct 2, I got exited about the fact that making games would be easy. Now I can finally make games!

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  • hi im planing to make a few games and construt 2 is a great tool i found because its simeler to VB i got the hang of things quickly. im only still a beginner but hopefully ill e able to create a game or 2.

  • Hi, My name is Spencer from the U.S.!

  • Hi,

    My name's Carlos. I'm 27.

    I live in Brazil and like developing!

  • hi my name is guntur, im from Indonesia

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  • I'm Brandon!

    I've been making games for a few years (mostly Unity / UDK / Torque / Gamemaker). I mostly program and compose music, but I've had my hands in everything at one point or another.

    I liked the idea of native HTML5 games for their portability, and I heard good things about Construct. I downloaded it a few years back but haven't really played with it much.

    This my official "I'm not lurking anymore" post. =P

  • Hi i am werikki nice to meet all

  • I'm Rosiebuggy and I found out about this at a tech camp.

  • Hi everyone! I wanted to make a 2d platformer and looked on this I'm going to have fun making games!

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