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  • Hey guys - Musician and Game Designer here, started using Construct 2 about 8 days ago and am really loving it, although I am running into a lot of glitches that I cannot seem to understand why/how they are occuring... and I can't seem to get any help in the "How Do I..." forum.

    If any kind experienced C2 users would be up for having a look at my friend I would be most appreciative.

    The glitch is related to car behaviour and collisions - but is also causing stuttering/laggyness for unexplainable reasons.


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  • PHP programmer.

  • Hi eveyone!

    I hope everyone here will help mee as I am a little bit 'noob' *hahahaha*.

    I'll try to learn fast and I'll try to help you too!!

    Thanks, guys.

  • Hi i'm from Indonesia and i want to learn how to make a game, because i luv to play it...

  • olá , me chamo Michel moro em bauru , estado de são paulo , sou brasileiro .

    fiquei sabendo do scirra pela minha professora de informatica do meu curso .

  • qwertyuiop[lkjhgfdsazxcvbnm,

  • I heard it from one of my friends who is a developer. He recommended me about this software while i was using the UNITY software for game design purpose.

  • Hi there, I just started to download the free version and thought it would be nice to browse the forum to see if I can pick up any hints. Personally I have not much of an idea of how to do things, but I've got ideas for days and want somewhere to test them out, that's when I found a tumblr post with a bunch of "how to get started making your own game" stuff and now I'm here. I've always wanted to get into making games, but game degrees cost a lot of money, so yeah going for the whole teach myself by fooling around with the software approach.

    GL, HF!

  • Hi, I am a graphic designer and an animator.

    I have been using Construct 2 for the past week or a bit less maybe. Very cool to say the least.

    Hopefully will have something to show in the near future! See you around

  • Comecei a aprender a criar jogo a 1 mes e vi la no youtube o construct 2 e me interesei por ele ja to sabendo criar jogos no scirra graças a tutoriais no youtube valeu scirra por esse pelo progama!

  • hola! soy metalman, de argentina, estoy estudiando simulaciones virtuales y videojuegos, quiero aprender a sacarle el maximo provecho posible a esta herramienta, algun consejo?

  • Hi im mmcfa43, im new i love games and want to make living out of it

  • games for days

  • Just starting watching a training course on the Microsoft site

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