The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everybody, testing the capabilities of this engine and I will perhaps develop my first game with it... we will see. Cya around!

  • Hello everyone, i'm new in this forum. I'm anxious to start my first game!

  • Hiya, Queueon here from the Netherlands.

    Newbie, looking around, hoping to be able to get started on something.

    Also hoping you guys could help me by developing something so players will have logins and online save-games.

    Well, I'll make a round through the forums first.

    See you around.



  • Hi there! I'm Geoff. My main thing is making custom music for indie games, though I also dabble in game making myself - I haven't made anything in Construct yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out. I made Oh! Ko! which took 2nd place in the non-rpg category in last year's IGMC, and I've just entered again with A Stranger Comes To Shore. Apparently I need more rep before I can post proper links, but if you don't mind copy-pasting you can check my stuff out here:

    Thanks for having me! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

  • Hi Everyone, My name is Ankur, and I am from India. I am a gamer and I have some cool idea to develop my own game. But its very hard to find a good game engine to make games for hobby and also without the knowledge of hardcore programming. So when I learned about this engine I got very excited and thought about to give it a try. I installed the free version but then I faced a problem, when I opened Construct 2 editor a "construct 2 game creator has stopped working" error message popped up. My graphics card is nVIDIA GTX 960 and my graphics driver is 355.60. Please somebody help me. Thanks again for accepting me in the community.

  • Hello everyone adsta here,

    started CS2 couple years ago but finally decided to create an account .

    Im hoping to get some help on publishing from the forums here.


  • Aye never used this, hopefully it is good.

  • hi!

  • Sup

  • hy my name is vinay

    i really very like this site & construct 2 software. I like this.

    i want to all games tutorial videos pls help me.

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  • thanks

  • Greetings, fellow earthlings

    I've been introduced to Construct 2 by a friend of mine. I was amazed by how easy it was to build games from the ground up and read good things about it on the interwebs. I'm looking forward to exploring new 2D possibilities with this engine.

    That'll be all for now. See ya!

  • Hello i am ProdigyWins i am poor so i can only use the free version but i am the creater of a few games Spidermothman Spidermothman2 De Los Muertos Night mare begins and continues and i am working on 2 other projects.

  • Hello, my name is Frisco and I love to play games, maybe too much.

    I've tried to create my own games in flash whenever I'd have the time, however It was just too much for me. I searched for other programs I could use to created games, although everything else was just a stick in the ground. I then found CS2 and I was amazed, however I was not sure if CS2 could help me create the game that I wanted to create. I realized I should have bought CS2 when I first found it. I have always been into games and I grew up as a the gamer in my family. I really cannot said what the first game I played was as I've played more games than I know. I do remember that the first consoles I had were the original Nintendo, the Sega Genesis and the very first Game Boy (yeah the big fat one). I'm currently a partner in two businesses, one is a flooring business were I lay almost everything from carpet, vinyl, hardwood, even back splashes. The other is a web design business, and although I love them both I would like to make something more out of the games I create.

  • Hello all, I've been here for about a month now but I haven't formally introduced myself yet, so I thought I'd take the time to do so

    I'm predominately a 2D artist & composer, but I've always had a love for video games ever since getting my first computer which was a C64 back in the mid 80s, and so 5 or 6 years ago I started playing around with game making software, and have worked on a quite a few indie games released on the Xbox 360. Now though the 360 market has dried up and so I've decided it's time to move on to mobile or perhaps Steam. I've tried pretty much all the 2D engines out there with the export options I require and after much deliberation I've settled with C2, as its tool set seems to suit me better than any of the other current alternatives and the community seems friendly and helpful, which is always a good thing! I hope to be an active member of the C2 community (time allowing) so hopefully you'll all be seeing a lot more of me from now on.

    Cheers everyone & happy game making!

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