The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi I'm a youtuber who mainly does gaming commentary and comedy. I have made a few small games and would like to expand my game making experience. If possible I'd like to grow my youtube channel while doing this and showcase games made on my channel.

  • Hi! Im from Sweden and heard of the website from a post on slant about the best 2d game engines.

  • Kia ora koutou

    My name is Dave. I'm from Wakefield New Zealand, looking forward to learning and developing some games

    Heoi ano


  • Mabuhay!

    I'm Albert from the Philippines. Hoping to learn and develop fun games that is culture oriented for my fellow Filipinos as well as share a bit of culture!

  • hello!

    im juna from indonesia, wanting make some good game and share it to everyone


  • Hey, im matthew. Im from Australia and im 17, im hoping to be a full-time programming engineer. I found this game-maker whilst searching the web for a good game maker, and though this would suit me fine. Im hoping to create nice games with this program!

  • Hi, I'm Oracle of Jamie new to the game development community. I've been a gamer, writer, and artist for over 20 years, I am finally ready to take the next step in creative arts and i am hoping to have a lot of fun along the way.

  • Hello. I'm techn0girl, and I was just looking to make some cool games for fun.

    I mostly got Construct 2 for my own entertainment. I heard of it through the game "There Is No Game", and decided to give it a try.

  • Good day everyone

    I'm alan and I'm very new to this and any game development related stuff

    my friend showed me construct 2 and I'm excited to see what I can do with this

  • hi

  • hello, my name is Friska I' from Indonesia and I need help

    I have make a text than I extract with ajax, then I make it to an array. I have problem here,

    I made a trivia game, there is a question(fro text to array) an a answer(image), when an object player touch the random answer(behaviors object), how can I set that array(x) = chosing_image

    please help me !!!

  • Hi, I am Sergei, from Kazakhstan. I've been making games. And I think the best construct 2D.

  • wow you guys are so gerat at making games, so can you help me ?

    How do I make, an element of array, ex: array(x) equal to an selected image.

    It's for my final project and I really stressfull, please help me solve my problem

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  • how i make game plz help

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