The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My full name is Katelynn Maree Rucker and I am a southern roots girl I have a very country accent and I'm not afraid of dirt I love the outdoors and nature I love mud bogen, fishing ain't nothin outdoors to dirty or to hard long as I got the proper materials.

  • Hi, I'm a bit late to introduce myself. I'm from Malaysia, came across of the popularity of flappy bird and came by buying Construct 2 at STEAM, so i'm going to start to learn using Construct 2. Although i bit late but this is my new journey to gather more experience in coding and playing Construct 2. Hope to meet experience fellow coder in Scirra community. Cheer!

  • Hello, World!

    I'm (username), I'm a guy from Chile. I like playings games as much as reading books and creating new stories. That's why I wanted to make games in the first place, in order to tell interesting stories through a game. And have fun.

    I came here because I like Construct, it's a very good tool for game development, because I can apply my game ideas without wasting a lot of time on programing and such... of course that I use other tools, too, but this is the fastest one to create game ideas. Also, other tools I tried weren't so good on web browsers, this one really works for me.

    I really like it, that's why I registered on the forums. I hope to see you around, please be nice.

  • Hi everybody,

    im Marco from Italy and my dream is to develope a succesful mobile game, hope here is the right place!

  • Hello!!!!

  • for the reputation ptz...

  • Hello everyone, I'm Rafael Sol Maker, and I came from RPG Maker, as you might imagine.

    Now I'm supporting Construct on the community I own, so I had to learn how to use it. I already started doing a pretty decent platform game, maybe I would even win a contest with it.

    By the way, besides the limitations (no, it's not about the free version, is the software in general), this is a great tool. Very simple and pretty effective. Quick prototyping and good productivity on the making. There's plenty room for improvement in details, but it already does good games.

    I'm considering a purchase of a license sooner or later. But first I need experience and a team to work with me in some games.

    well, I hope to help and be helped here. So, that's it.

  • My name is Si'mone and I like nerd stuff

  • Im Selasi here for code day dallas

  • Hi, I'm penelope and learning about construct 2. I heard about it today in Code Day.

  • Hi! my name is Charlie and I´m really new to game development

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  • Hello I am Jay Newbie here always love to learn new things and be updated

    and one of that is how to make my own games and mobile apps .

    Hope this time I scan start making games with my ideas using construct 2!

  • Hi, great Construct2 experts and users!

    I am just a lonely game maker (probably not so lonely after I started my twitter and gain more than 40 followers). I love games, and I love making them and watch them improving gradually.

    Good luck to us all in our game development quest!

  • Hi! I´m new in Construct 2, if you want to make a game with me, please contact me.

  • Hello everyone! I live in Maryland and am currently learning HTML5 and JavaScript through the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). I downloaded Construct 2 to complete the MVA tutorial and maybe I'll try my hand at my own game someday. Take care.

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