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  • Hi all,

    I am Sanjay from India. I am a game artist. I have around 10 years of game art experience and always willing to create game but programming was the biggest barrier for me. But now I have buy construct2 to creating some games, especially funny games .... I hope I can make it happen....

    If anybody think I can help them to create art assets, please feel free to ask. I will try my best....

  • I am asad raza and i listen about construct 2 or scirra on Facebook. I passed my IT this year with 3 cgpa.I am interested But i am beginner. And i start my work now and hope in a month i have a good command on this

  • i am from india,andhra pradesh,tuni

    i heard it in facebook

  • Hii.. I'am chanaka.. and currently I'm working on a Multiplayer Card game.. Unfortunately no one made any card game using constructor 2 to get help.. So Hope your Help.. Thank you..

  • Hi! I'am Vladislav from Russia.

    I have a bear and like a vodka!

  • Hi there guys. I'm from Namibia and i heard of construct 2 when i was scouring the web for the best engine to build my first game with. i don't know much code and i am an avid gamer an i recently got the coolest idea for a game and i haven't seen one like it and i have looked. so now here i am. i have found my engine and I've decided to build another game before i build the one i want to build so i can get to know the software a bit first. The community seems like a helpful one and i'm looking forward to making some games!

  • Hey all. I'm Billy. I've been a working game designer for about 10 years and I'm finally looking to learn a digital environment where I can sketch and prototype my ideas instead of getting stuck at the pen-and-paper stage.

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  • Hi! I'm Seri and I've always dreamed of making games, but my coding isn't the best so I'd hit many barriers. I'm the kind of person who puts all their energy in something, but if I don't meet my quotas at a reasonable pace...I kind of drop it. xD

    So I hope this will be something I will use casual and for fun to create fun little things. : D I'm decent at digital art and spriting and own two animation programs. Though, I don't think anything past art will appear in anything I create.

  • I am Adam, been playing with game design for years. I like the capabilities that Construct has to offer and look forward to investing some time into making small apps.

  • Hi I am Arisen Samurai and I am working on a top down shooter zombie survival game.

  • Hi !!!

    I am Nasr Umar Khan from Pakistan and a student of computer science.

    i would like something new and make people happy all around the world

  • Hey I'm Michael. I'm a historian but as much as I love that, nothing comes close to my love for gaming. Figured I'd try my hand at this to keep busy while I go back to school for programming. Hopefully going to tackle a metroidvania style game

  • hello

  • Hello, I'm a french business application developper looking for inspiration in game programming by experimenting.

  • Hello, my name is Andreas. I'm a 16 year old gamer from Norway. I watch Nerd Cubed daily and when i found out he used this beautiful program to make his Indie ideas come true, i instantly wanted to try for myself!

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