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  • I am Mia from Maine. I found out about Construct 2 when I was searching for something to help me make games without coding.

  • I want to develop third party plugin for iOS . i am looking for the sample example with explanation.

  • My husband is teaching a programming class for teenagers using Construct2 and I'm his teaching assistant, so I'm learning along with the kids.

  • Hello I'm new here and I want to experiment and learn with Construct 2

  • Hey just installed c2!seems great<3

  • Hi Everyone

    My Name is Alfonso Verlezza i'm live in Venezuela, and i try to do my best creating games with construct!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I've been dabbling with Construct 2 for over 2 years and watched it grow from its early beta releases to the awesome gaming development platform it is today.

    Meanwhile I been busy with my own mobile app publishing system BzZApps and see that there is huge potential to embed high quality games built with Construct 2 into a mobile app wrapper. This would enable publishing for Android and iOS with very little modification or perhaps no modification at all. As well as offering an easy way to incorporate banner and interstitial ads.

    So to test this out, I will be creating a couple of simple games with Construct 2 . Then publishing them to Google Play and the Apple App Store to see how smooth the process is and make improvements as needed.

    I hope to publish a tutorial on the process for other Construct users.

    Best regards


  • Just starting out! Downloaded Construct 2 on a whim and now I'm making a Zelda clone. Frustrated that I can't post URLs and looking to get more reputation.

  • Hi folks!

    My name's Ben and I'm a proud father of four children. I am a gamer at heart, playing board games a lot, DnD in my teens, MTG since it appeared in 1993 and videogames since my first Coleco Vision. All my children received my gamer genes, three of them being heavy gamers.

    I'm also a hobbyist programmer in many languages and a web designer and VBA programmer for work.

    Like probably many of you, making my own videogames has been a dream, and since my two sons aspire to work in the videogame industry, I've decided to help them on the way.

    I've been "shopping" for HTML5 game engines for a few weeks now and found that Construct 2 was by far the best suited for me.

    (By the way, to you guys behind this engine and framework : TWO THUMBS UP ! )

    So here I am saying hello, earning my reps and going back to the manual and tutorials!

    See you!


  • I am very new to Construct two and fairly new to creating games overall. I plan on this being a hobby and just want to achieve and have fun when making games. I hope to challenge myself and get better.

  • Hi all,

    I am Sanjay from India. I am a game artist. I have around 10 years of game art experience and always willing to create game but programming was the biggest barrier for me. But now I have buy construct2 to creating some games, especially funny games .... I hope I can make it happen....

    If anybody think I can help them to create art assets, please feel free to ask. I will try my best....

  • I am asad raza and i listen about construct 2 or scirra on Facebook. I passed my IT this year with 3 cgpa.I am interested But i am beginner. And i start my work now and hope in a month i have a good command on this

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  • i am from india,andhra pradesh,tuni

    i heard it in facebook

  • Hii.. I'am chanaka.. and currently I'm working on a Multiplayer Card game.. Unfortunately no one made any card game using constructor 2 to get help.. So Hope your Help.. Thank you..

  • Hi! I'am Vladislav from Russia.

    I have a bear and like a vodka!

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