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  • Hola!!

  • Hello there, my name is gameseeker and I hope this is my moment to get off my lazy butt and create something, ANYTHING that has to do with video games. Been a gamer since 5 years old but I never found the drive to do anything remotely constructive to making games, not nearly as much as I would taking the time to play them. Life's precious and I only live once, so I'd like to just fiddle around in Construct 2 since HTML5 seems to be the next big thing (and a good step up from Flash). If I make an actual game that'll be an ambitious dream, but why not give it a go?

    Hope to talk to you all more.


  • I´m a boy that loves the video games and i want to create one

  • Hi everyone,

    I've been trying to make games for a few years now, hope with C2 I'll finally finish my own game.

    Happy and excited to join this community.

  • Hello,

    Just discovered Construct2 and I am looking forward to finding out more about it! Are there any links to user made games that I can peek at to see what this engine is capable of?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Coming back to Construct 2 after a long hiatus filled with work and family. Keen to sink my teeth in and get productive!

    I enjoy games with atmosphere and character. Some of my favourite games are: Homeworld, Landstalker, FFVII, Tomb Raider (original, rereleased), Call of Duty IV, and more.

    Very keen to see what can be done with Construct 2 these days - I'm interested in developing something simple e.g. adventure platformer, with a dynamic narrative.



  • NewBie Here

  • Hello My name is Wiruj, I come from Thailand. Nice to meet you all

  • Hello guys! =)

    My name is Diana and i am a gamedesign student from Germany. It is my first contact with Construct 2. I heard about it from my gamedesign teacher and want to test it now!

    Nice to meet you all. =)

  • Hi my name is Abdul Wahid Al Wahdi, i'm an chemical analyst student from Indonesia, but i love game, i knew this from my gugel (read: google)

  • hi, my name is fahmi from indonesia, nice to meet you all..

  • Hello, im SMWGamIng (well actually thats my Youtube channel name)

    Anyways, Im starting to work on games next month because Im not home so.... yeah.

    Im from Bosnia and Hercegowina but live in Austria. And im 13 years old by the way;

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  • hello in construct 2...still learning....

  • Hello everyone. I have been using another program for a short time. While searching how to post my games to Amazon, I was forwarded to this site. Construct 2 looks pretty cool and has many tutorials which I am sure to be needing.

  • Hi My name is Randy I heard about Construct 2 through and google search.

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