The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • im benny dunn

  • Good day,

    I believe I found out about Construct 2 via Steam but I can't be completely certain. I've always had a passion games as well as all things technical in nature which lead me down this path. To give you the best overall answer on what interests me would be how things work and art in general. So far, I've been Freelance game making for quite a few years but recently made it a higher priority. I desire to make things on my own or at least have more autonomy with what I am doing.

    What I like most about Construct 2 is the flexibility on how one can apply coding and other technical workings. If anyone remembers the StarCraft Campaign Editor with it's locations and triggers method then you know how I approach projects with this program. I've always wanted to develop in that manner and so this program is indeed a welcome.

  • Hi, I’m the social networks recruiter at Netomedia, an online gaming company.

    I'm hiring good game developers in construct2, html5 and javascript around the globe.

    Please send us your CV or a link where we can see some of your projects and skills and according that we will send the job offer, if you are interested, to

    here is a link to the company's website:


  • Hello there!

    I'm from Brazil and aiming to create games with a friend of mine.

    We graduated as Game Designers in 2010, but never had a real chance of developing something. Hopefuly, it will change now!

    It's my first contact with the Construct engine, but if I can be of help to any of you, let me know.

    See ya!

  • Hi,

    Im a boy from Catalonia (Spain). I like videogames and then I thought, why not make some? It will be cool ! And now im making my first game.

  • Hello Construct 2 community!

    Guess it's about time to introduce myself. My name is Justin. My age? Well, that's easy if you do the math I love computer games. Not just the game play but I'm also interested in "How did they do that?"

    I started off on a Commodore 64 then an Amiga 1200. Some of you probably may still even know the SEUCK and AMOS for the Amiga 1200. I made a Pac-Man clone with AMOS and I was hooked. But PC's got better and faster and software more advanced. I wasn't going to get into any complicated computer language, so I just kept it my interest to game play

    Then came Construct 2! This brought my interest back to game making. Still some things to learn, but much easier than any 'complicated' computer language. Used the free version for a month or so and just this week I decided to puchase a Personal License.

    I have a week I guess I'll be in here a lot

  • Hey Guys

    I'm new here, but I always wanted to create video games since I was little. i hope with your guys help, I can achieve my goals and can create my first video game:)

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new to this piece of software and I am excited to pick it up. Been involved with game development for a while and majored in it at university.

    If you wanna chat about anything feel free to message me.


  • learning this with my 14 year old son.

  • I'm Wolf and I'm working on a top down RPG. I've put together some of the things that I can, but I'm having quite a few errors in the engine that I'm going to need help clarifying.

  • I'm moving over from Gamemaker, hopefully for the better. I want to make android apps, basically.

  • hi

    i'm fawnlet

    i'm interested in game design and i'm just trying out Construct because i had never heard of it before

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  • Hey everyone! My college is focused on preparing students for entering the digital creative industry, and they own Construct 2! I usually take on the role of 'programmer' in group projects, so it's up to me to piece the art together in Construct 2 and make something the whole team can be proud of. I've created one game in Construct 2 (albeit definitely a beginner's game) and I'm working on a second and third as part of college courses.

    We were given 5 ours per week for five weeks (plus free periods) to work on that first game, and here is the trailer I also produced for it: (Whoops, looks like I'm not allowed to post URLs. the /watch code for it on YouTube is /watch?v=EYrJpoGJZCw - hope I'm allowed to post that!). I hope it looks alright for a first attempt at using Construct! I have to give art credit to my friend, however. It was her first time working with pixel art but I think she did a bang-up job

  • Hey everybody, my name is Victor and I'm a alcoho... oh wait, wrong group.

    So, I'm a "want to be" game dev, but actually got to Construct because I want to make a game-present for my 5-years-relationship-girlfriend. Don't even know if it's possible (for free) with it.

    Anyway, nice to meet you all.

  • Hi guys,

    Just started some game developing courses with T2G and they guided me to Construct 2 for starters.

    Ohh my name is Antony by the way. Nice to meet you all

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