The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey, joining this group to learn more and network.

  • Hi

    I'm dullauri, I'm from New York, and I heard about this from Newgrounds.

  • Hey! I'm Aaron and I'm currently working on a game (two actually) and the other one is stuck :c I need a top-down graphic designer (vector preferably)

    and some other guys to make the game with me

    If you could E-mail me (aaron(dot)eronen(at)gmail(dot)com I would send you the game idea!


    P.S. If this is done wrong, you can remove this post. :p

  • Hi!

    I'm Lukasz from Sweden. I've wanted to make a game ever since I got a C64 back in the days, didn't workout tho, prolly since I was a kid back then. I'm currently working on a platformer but as always I'm stuck when it comes to making a inventory

  • Hey, I'm Pat. I knew about this program for a while now, and it has grown a lot. I'm happy to decide that I will be using this platform to develop games.

  • Konnichiwa! My name is Atsuko Furukawa, I am a 16 year old Indie Game Dev. (At least I hope to be one!) My real name is Grace by the way.

  • Hello my name is Jake Stene and I am from Fountain Valley, California. I started learning Construct in my high school's Game Development class and now I want to start using it at home.

  • Hello, my name is Kai Li, I am from China Shanghai. I heard Construct 2 from a technical forum when I tried to learn swift to turn my idea into a real game.

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  • Hey There!

    I'm a Swedish Guy currently living in sunny Malta. I grew up during the C64 and Amiga & NES Era so naturally some of my favorite games are from this time. Currently I have a few ideas in the pipeline which i want make a reality with construct 2. Some of my favorite games are Cannon Fodder, Moonstone, Flashback, Monkey Island, Fallout, UFO Enemy unknown, and lots lots more.

    I'm currently working as a Graphic Designer, and have been working on and off in the Gaming industry. Latest at EA DICE in Stockholm (2008).

    In my free time I'm Currently working on a small Multiplayer game, in a top down isometric perspective, and also planning on making a Moonstone inspired game for touch devices.

  • Hi there! I'm from manila 25 years old and I love making games.

  • Hello all, im from Portugal and i am curious about Construct as a tool for game building, im 29 and computer engeneer student.

  • Hello, everyone.

    I'm from good ol' Blighty and thought it is about time I put my ideas to practice. I have an interesting concept at that moment that I intend to finish and since it is relatively simple I shouldn't have too many problems. Decided on using Construct 2 in the end after looking over the many engines out there. What won me over was the community here, the friendly toolset, and the price to publish on numerous platforms (very fair). Just done the first lot of tutorials and am really liking what I see.

  • hi i cannot wait to give this a go

  • Hello!

  • Hello, I'm a 28 yrs Designer and Programmer from Brazil, and I'm starting to make some games

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