The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi guys,

    Just started some game developing courses with T2G and they guided me to Construct 2 for starters.

    Ohh my name is Antony by the way. Nice to meet you all

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  • Hi, I'm Fonso, I'm an Industrial Designer Student, but I also like programming and make some stuff, so I'm going to try to make a game.

    This is the first tool I'm going to use, I hope I like it and finish the idea.

  • Hello! My name is Ken Will and I heard about Construct 2 from Daniel Hardcastle (A.K.A. Nerd Cubed) and...that's all!

  • Guess its time to do this after a year on this forum.

    We are Frosty Elk AB, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our main goal is to produce mobile games, but we also do all kinds of other media and graphics.

    At the moment we are mostly feeling our way into the mobile games development. It is new to us, we come from PC game development in the past. Our most known title is the Total Conversion Mod for Half-Life2, Age of Chivalry that later became the huge success Chivalry:Medieval Warfare.

    As we develop our own games, we have found the need to develop plugins for Construct2. Some of them we have made public, some are even free for everyone. One of the best known plugin so far is our plugin. But also our AdMob and Amazon Ads plugin.

    We have a store at our webpage, and we also sell some graphic items via the Scirra store.

    So far we are really enjoying the development with Construct2, and its really awesome to see how the engine is progressing and becoming more and more each day!

  • Hello from Chicago!

    I am new to Construct 2 and I am learning a ton about it!


  • Wonderful to be here. Thanks for the easy registration and leading me around. Testing out Drag and Drop style game production software and JUST became aware of Construct2 reading about Trey Smiths BuildBox software. I've been using GameSalad and wanted to see what other software may offer. I cannot wait to get going!

    WOW! My avatar looks just like me!

  • hello my name is Harold Moreno.

    eh I live in Colombia aware of this great program after a long search program to create games

  • eu conheci essa ferramenta por um amigo que criou um jogo... ai que quis criar...

  • Hello Everyone-

    I'm here to learn everything there is about game creation. I've loved games all my life, and have always wanted to make my own, so now I'm here to learn. I hope to make this a goal for 2015. I found an article about great game creation software, and this program popped up. I'm sure it'll be great! Thanks everyone!

  • Hey, joining this group to learn more and network.

  • Hi

    I'm dullauri, I'm from New York, and I heard about this from Newgrounds.

  • Hey! I'm Aaron and I'm currently working on a game (two actually) and the other one is stuck :c I need a top-down graphic designer (vector preferably)

    and some other guys to make the game with me

    If you could E-mail me (aaron(dot)eronen(at)gmail(dot)com I would send you the game idea!


    P.S. If this is done wrong, you can remove this post. :p

  • Hi!

    I'm Lukasz from Sweden. I've wanted to make a game ever since I got a C64 back in the days, didn't workout tho, prolly since I was a kid back then. I'm currently working on a platformer but as always I'm stuck when it comes to making a inventory

  • Hey, I'm Pat. I knew about this program for a while now, and it has grown a lot. I'm happy to decide that I will be using this platform to develop games.

  • Konnichiwa! My name is Atsuko Furukawa, I am a 16 year old Indie Game Dev. (At least I hope to be one!) My real name is Grace by the way.

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