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  • Hello,i'm starting to construct 2 and if you could give me some tips,i'll thank you a lot.

  • Hi! My name is Paulo Victor and i'm from Brazil!

    My dream is to one day produce games and work with it, designing AND programing! I'm still 18 years old and im in college studying graphic design. Hope i can learn a lot with Contruct 2 (i know you skip most of code knowledge, but still!)

    Thanks for that, anyway!

  • Hello, im Asardial, 21 years old and im a hobbyist who make game for fun ^^

  • Hello! I'm bladedpenguin with Blind Arrow Games, and we are working on an RPG called Apprentice, which is about the darker side to a magical world. We just transitioned from RPGmaker, and holy crap is this community vibrant! It seems like in all the threads where a couple users are musing about a solution, Ashley swoops in to save the day and give The Right Answer(tm) lol. It seems like transitioning to C2 will make the rpg basics a little more difficult, but when it comes time to implement Interesting Gameplay, C2 will really shine and let us do whatever we want! I've already got some crazy ideas....

    I'm new to javascript, but I hope to eventually release any plugins that we develop to help us on Apprentice. So far I've got an RPG charachter plugin, and I'm contemplating an rpg item, though both are a horrible mess.... They will become more refined and polished as I learn more about javascript and the C2 internals My programming history includes working with Minecraft plugins in Java, writing bash scripts as a Linux system administrator, using python to solve math problems, and a couple classes in c/c++. Looking forward to figuring stuff out and creating great things with you all!

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  • Greetings, mortals.

    My initials are CBX but friends call me Bexy. I am mainly a 2D artist in all branches:



    concept art




    and a game designer but I want to learn coding since my current skills limit me in my game visions. I heard about great things about Construct 2. I hope with C2 I can recreate and/or innovate my favourite games with my own personal flair (aka artwork and game design).

    My skills are currently novice as I am working on a simple ball game to learn the ropes, but as many others I dream of THAT EPIC RPG. And believe me, I have PLANS!

    (The plans... oooh, the PLANS!)

    I also wan't to attempt to push the free version to it's limit. Because free shouldn't be an excuse for lax quality, (but really, I just want my ball game to work).

    I'm currently working an intern in the Game Dev buissness with focus on Iphone so everything I do here in the forums will be for my personal projects.

  • Ok, so I'm me and I'm from Sweden. I like video games and if you don't count two pretty intense and long lasting careers in Quake 1, and then a few years later CoD: MW2 and CoD: Black Ops, I mostly play adventure and arcade type games. Now this includes a very large amount of different categories and to keep a long story short I mean games with adventureous storylines or arcade type action in them - everything from big blockbusters like Fable or Elder Scrolls to smaller releases like Trine 2, You Have To Win The Game or Eldritch.

    I'm also a good artist and I'm pretty specialized in making art assets for games (especially 2D-assets), I'm also quite good at planning game production pipelines, write and work with game design documents and stuff like that. Most of the art part I learned on my own through the years, most of the game development knowledge comes from an education in game development and game art.

    I'm mainly here to learn how to use Construct 2 as I'm getting tired of always being an artist and not the designer. My goal is to make a point-and-click game, I'm aiming at releasing it on Steam aswell as for iOS and Android so I figured Construct would be my best option due to these built in features. I'm not technical - at all - so I don't want to start learning something and invest alot of time into developing within an environment that won't let me release the game to multiple platforms in an easy way.

  • Hi there new here

  • Im from india want to learn game development, good at coding but no experience in game development

  • Hello there! I can't wait to get stuck in with this tool, from what I have seen so far it looks very cool


  • I am Nick, a game art and design major at Southern New Hampshire University! I found out about construct through a Stride Academy contest! I hope to have lots of fun working with Construct!

  • Daiz, a user from RPS, mentioned construct as an alternative to gamemaker

  • Hello!

  • Hello , my name is Jordi and I am from Barcelona.Me love to play games and make them with C2 is fascinating.Salutations for all.

  • Hi, my name is Sebastián a.k.a. Checkmate and I'm from Chile.

    I knew about Construct 2 when a friend of mine(a part-time teacher in Universidad del Bio Bio) taught me how to make videogames with this program.

    I'm looking forward to buy the Personal Version in a close future

  • Hey Hi Howdy,

    I'm Camboolio... aint really got much more than that right now but I'll probably be back at some point!

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