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  • a little boy 11 month talk for the first time

  • a little boy 11 month talk for the first time

  • I am Russian. My game dev life have begun when I was ten ( now I'm 14 ), I played with lots of game engines. Now I found Construct 2, now I am serious and want to create a normal 2d game.

  • Good day, everybody.

    I'm MrEvoluss, a young programmer. I will be designing games using Construct 2, duh .

    Anyway, as a paper-boy, I won't have as much time as before. But, any games released will be thought through and as good as I can make them...



  • Hey! I'm Rubens(but you can call-me HyperAcqua or Sir Ellyot) , a Digital Game student from Brasil. I started to know how to make games in C2 now.

    Let's learn! =)

  • Hey my names Turgamr or Tru yeah im new and i like to make games with Construct 2.

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  • Hello world!

  • Hey! I'm vybr and I live in the UK. I love drawing, graphic design and a bit of programming.

    I bought Construct 2 during the winter sale weeks ago. Before Construct I was using RPG maker (I ended up using all of them over about 7 years) but never actually finished a game.

    Using Construct I have managed to complete 2 games (albeit very small and simple games) named Choppy Jack and Piggy Blitz, which are both on the play store. The plan is to begin with smaller games and work my way up before finally diving into my dream RPG project (using a different engine).

    Anyway, that's me.

  • Hello Everybody,

    My goal is to use Construct 2 as my introduction to game making. I'm currently using free version and at the same time taking the MS Game introduction course. Thanks for putting out a great product.

  • Hi guys! My name is Andrew and i am from Ukraine.

    I use construct 2 a little bit more than 6 month. All this time i practiced in games creation, but now i have finished mi first html5 game Alien Invaders.

    I like games, and i am creative kind of people. In my childhood i dreamed about "how can i improve my favorite game heroes 3"))

  • Hello my other Construct beginners ! Lets make some awesome games!

  • hi

  • Hello were are a french independant studio based in paris, we will show you here some work, and if we can help the community, it's with pleasure

  • Hello all, glad to be here. Just popping along to see what Construct 2 is all about and to see if it will be useful to me for making quick web-based games. Cheers

  • Hello! I'm a newbie game dev. Been toying with the Free version on and off for about a year. I want to learn the advanced features and publish quality games. I purchased Personal addition on steam today. I'm very excited. Anyone know how to verify the steam purchase and get the fancy badge?

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