The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello Colster

  • Hi folks. I'm here to try this for myself and see if I can make some fun and interesting games for my kids.

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  • Hi

    mi Name is Julian

    my native language is Spanish so forgive any grammar casualty.. just trying to comunicate :V

    I have been developing Audiovisual content for some years , experience on animation, ilustration and and little bit of code

    Gamer since I remeber playing on atari 2600 borrowed from family, nes, sega genesis, psx, PC

    while learning about traditional arts started trying to make games on flash like 5 years ago, learned action script, then moved to java.... worked with Unity3D.. been developing prototypes and learning through tutorials for a while... found out about Construct 2 and was amazed by its awesomeness

    this is a link with examples of my work http://111eldon111.tumblr. com/ (space between dot and "com" ..cant post urls because im new to the forums)

    fell free to add me or contact me im here to learn and collaborate !

  • Hey -

    we are the Exit Games development team and behind the multiplayer technology Photon:Photon is used by more than 92,000 developers (as of Jan 2015) and HTML5 is on the rise. We have full support for Websockets and Javascript. We have finished our C2 plugin and looking forward to get feedback from the community.

    bye, Chris

  • Hey, new here but not new to graphics, web development, App Development and programming. I hope Construct 2 is the right Development tool for some projects I would like to bring to the world. Looking forward to getting started. So, onwards upwards and always twirling as the saying goes.

  • Hi I am Nick. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I love video games my favorite game is five nights at Freddy's my favorite you tuber is pewdiepie.

  • Mohamed from Alexandria, Egypt



  • Hello I'm from California. I heard about Scirra on

  • I am a student of a university in Sri Lanka.. I try to develop a game based on HTML5, javascript and PHP..

  • Hello, I come form Spain and I hope fun with you, and I want to learn Construct 2.


  • Hello everyone!!!

  • Hi, My name's Wesley (A.K.A Wes) i'mma budding Game designer, i found out about Construct2 from train2game and am looking forward to learning how to useit .

  • Hi,

    My name is Guy Martin and I'm trying to find some way that my son can start to learn how to make video games. I would like to know about any staring classes he might be able ti find. If you can give me any information on your calsses or any more that might be around the Sacramento area it will be greatly appreciated.


    Guy Martin

    Thank You

  • Hi! My name is Cecilia

    I'm trying Construct 2 because a Microsoft game develop course, let’s see if I can publish a game since I don't have any experience on this. I'm actually an education professional.

  • Hi! I am Informous! I came here to learn and make a game easily. I heard that Construct was one of the better and easier systems to use. I also got here from reddit, searching for games to play, and I saw a thread saying what should he use to make a game, and a fellow redditer said to use Construct! I wanted to give Construct a try, so here I am now.

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