The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Just sayin Hi again to get the rep


  • Hey awesome people, I'm Karl. I just want to say 'Hi!' to all. I'm currently working on two great projects, one is a tower defense and the other is an endless runner sort of game. Though I'm using the free version and I've learned quite a lot recently. I'll get the personal license soon when I can. Thanks for this amazing program and community, now I can start something I'm passionate about!


  • Hi All!

    I'm Rizzo from the Netherlands. I am new to creating games and am looking forward getting to know all the ins and outs of C2.

    Hope you're all having a fun and productive day!

    Take care,


  • Hello everyone!

    Im from México, Im a software developer with some years of experience, but Im new on gaming developer, I want to try now this other path as software developer, lets see what I can found with this software.

    Take care!


  • Nice to meet you Adán!

    Greetings everyone,

    I'm a full time gamedev based in Ireland but from the north of England. I've heard great things about this community and am looking forward to seeing how much time Construct2 can shave off of some of my 2d projects

    • Pete.
  • Hi everyone. I am from Indonesia. I'm new on gaming developers. I just entered university and study about computer science but do not know much about writing code. I hope Construct2 can help me in learning about software developing

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  • hi Everyone, my name is Ben. i have been a gamer since I got my first 8086, 286, 386, 486 computers back when DOS was the main interaction interface. hoping to break the ice now with mobile apps, things sure have changed in 30 years.

  • Hey every one.

    My name is jack and iv just started train to game to be a QA games tester.

    I hope it is going to be a blast

  • Hello everyone !

  • Hi guys, I've been around for years (profile name: midnight) but I forgot my login info, so this is my new account.

  • Hello, my name Bintang Thunder. nice to see you all.

  • Hello guys, I'm new in game creating and i'm very excited to learn and share my knowledge with you all, I play games since I was a kid and always wanted to learn how they are created and now I have the tools and some background experience that can make this happen. I hope we can help each other and make some fun games.

  • Hello guys, how's it going, it's my first time, great to be here!

  • Hi all, I'm Zebbi! I used klik and play since it was released in '96, and used Clickteam tools extensively through until 2002. I gave up game making and rediscovered it last year with Fusion 2.5 and Construct 2. I used Fusion 2.5 last year to build an engine for a game and was shocked by all of the inherent bugs and workarounds and missing features. I simultaneously found C2 and finally got my licence in the sale a year later. Been rebuilding my engine which took 2 months in Fusion took just a week and a half with C2. Events that took brain-twisting spaghetti mazes of 30 lines or more take just 2 or three in C2. It's mind-blowingly good. Thanks Ashley and Tom for this outstanding tool!

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