The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hi Everyone, my name is Ben. i have been a gamer since I got my first 8086, 286, 386, 486 computers back when DOS was the main interaction interface. hoping to break the ice now with mobile apps, things sure have changed in 30 years.

  • Hey every one.

    My name is jack and iv just started train to game to be a QA games tester.

    I hope it is going to be a blast

  • Hello everyone !

  • Hi guys, I've been around for years (profile name: midnight) but I forgot my login info, so this is my new account.

  • Hello, my name Bintang Thunder. nice to see you all.

  • Hello guys, I'm new in game creating and i'm very excited to learn and share my knowledge with you all, I play games since I was a kid and always wanted to learn how they are created and now I have the tools and some background experience that can make this happen. I hope we can help each other and make some fun games.

  • Hello guys, how's it going, it's my first time, great to be here!

  • Hi all, I'm Zebbi! I used klik and play since it was released in '96, and used Clickteam tools extensively through until 2002. I gave up game making and rediscovered it last year with Fusion 2.5 and Construct 2. I used Fusion 2.5 last year to build an engine for a game and was shocked by all of the inherent bugs and workarounds and missing features. I simultaneously found C2 and finally got my licence in the sale a year later. Been rebuilding my engine which took 2 months in Fusion took just a week and a half with C2. Events that took brain-twisting spaghetti mazes of 30 lines or more take just 2 or three in C2. It's mind-blowingly good. Thanks Ashley and Tom for this outstanding tool!

  • Hey guys,

    I'm relatively new to gaming. Getting my first shot at coding a game thanks to Iowa's CodeDay competition which I am competing in this weekend! I hope to learn a lot!

  • Hey there Construct 2 devs !!!

    I'm really new in Game developping and really excited about starting with Construct II and it's community.

    My name is Blaise, I'm French and located in Paris.

    I have a small knowledge in Html, Css3, Javascript, Mysql and PHP.

    So, guess I'll start my first game tonight !

    Cheers !

  • Hello , My name's Abdalghani , I'm Sudanese student

  • Meu nome é Max Suel tenho 13 anos e moro em Terenos,Ms,Brasil

  • Hi i'm Kyle! I've played with Gamemaker for a few years just playing around and have decided I want to get serious about making a new game (Turn Based Attacked) but saw Construct 2 and thought I'd give it a try. I'm plugging threw a few tutorials now and am really impressed by it's flexibility and code learning curve, so expect me at anytime to look into how that's done!

    • Stay Amazing, Stylz!
  • Sou novo por aqui, estou começando um curso de jogos digitais sou de PERNAMBUCO-Recife. Iam from BRASIL 5508187624076

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  • Hello people of the gaming world!

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