The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi,

    I am from Zagreb, worked in Flash and Actionscript 3, now I work in Construct 2.

    Games are my hobby, but I dream to become professional one day who could live of game development

    My Kong profile with published games (Battlesun 2 is HTML5/Construct 2, else is Flash):

  • Hi, i'm 'Abe', i am new to game development, and am currently learning both Spriter and Construct 2. I also draw using Krita Digital Painting Software.

    I hope to learn these programs well enough to be able to create my own full 2D games someday

  • Hi, I'm new in the game developing world and I'm just testing the water with Construct 2.

    Wish me good luck

  • Hey, I'm Ryan, I'm a tattoo artist, just enrolled in Game Dev and was told to check this out. Have a great night!

  • Hi,

    I've used some other game making software in the past, but I haven't made a game in years. C2 looks really good, so can't wait to get started.

  • Hey, I'm Alex from September Park Studio!

    I am interested in developing games is quite a lot of time. A long time ago I started with modifications to various games and tried to create own great masterpieces.

    Now that my ambition abated, I finally brought to the release of my first game.

    I am pleased to join this community, let's make cool games!

  • hi my name is stuart playford i am new to this so all help would be nice than

  • Hey

  • Just sayin Hi again to get the rep


  • Hey awesome people, I'm Karl. I just want to say 'Hi!' to all. I'm currently working on two great projects, one is a tower defense and the other is an endless runner sort of game. Though I'm using the free version and I've learned quite a lot recently. I'll get the personal license soon when I can. Thanks for this amazing program and community, now I can start something I'm passionate about!


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  • Hi All!

    I'm Rizzo from the Netherlands. I am new to creating games and am looking forward getting to know all the ins and outs of C2.

    Hope you're all having a fun and productive day!

    Take care,


  • Hello everyone!

    Im from México, Im a software developer with some years of experience, but Im new on gaming developer, I want to try now this other path as software developer, lets see what I can found with this software.

    Take care!


  • Nice to meet you Adán!

    Greetings everyone,

    I'm a full time gamedev based in Ireland but from the north of England. I've heard great things about this community and am looking forward to seeing how much time Construct2 can shave off of some of my 2d projects

    • Pete.
  • Hi everyone. I am from Indonesia. I'm new on gaming developers. I just entered university and study about computer science but do not know much about writing code. I hope Construct2 can help me in learning about software developing

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