The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My friend wont stop talking about this so i decided to stop by and check it out!

  • Does anyone have any Ideas for my first project and any tips for me. They will be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance

  • Hello i'm ethan and i'm 19. I found out about construct 2 after a contest on r/pcmasterrace and ever since i've been using it and learning new things about it. It's great

  • Hi I'm a programmer, wondering where this rabbit hole goes

  • Hi everyone, Massimo from Italy here. I was a chemist, then a would-be artist, musician etc. I like boardgames (the ones with one-ton rulebook, like ASL or SFB) and a couple of PC games. So curious about C2.

  • A warm welcome to all new people, and a Great Warm hug for the older and more experienced and interactive people of this forum ! SO hey guys ! my name is George im 25 , im from Romania , love doing games, doing it for 2 years now, 1 year and smth with construct and couldnt be better, great to see how many people are actually talking in this forum and im happy to be a part of the community !

  • Hi,

    I am from Zagreb, worked in Flash and Actionscript 3, now I work in Construct 2.

    Games are my hobby, but I dream to become professional one day who could live of game development

    My Kong profile with published games (Battlesun 2 is HTML5/Construct 2, else is Flash):

  • Hi, i'm 'Abe', i am new to game development, and am currently learning both Spriter and Construct 2. I also draw using Krita Digital Painting Software.

    I hope to learn these programs well enough to be able to create my own full 2D games someday

  • Hi, I'm new in the game developing world and I'm just testing the water with Construct 2.

    Wish me good luck

  • Hey, I'm Ryan, I'm a tattoo artist, just enrolled in Game Dev and was told to check this out. Have a great night!

  • Hi,

    I've used some other game making software in the past, but I haven't made a game in years. C2 looks really good, so can't wait to get started.

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  • Hey, I'm Alex from September Park Studio!

    I am interested in developing games is quite a lot of time. A long time ago I started with modifications to various games and tried to create own great masterpieces.

    Now that my ambition abated, I finally brought to the release of my first game.

    I am pleased to join this community, let's make cool games!

  • hi my name is stuart playford i am new to this so all help would be nice than

  • Hey

  • Just sayin Hi again to get the rep


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