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  • Hello!

    I'm Erin Yumi, 15. I don't have much experience in game development, but a friend of mine managed to get me deep into this. He's not using Construct 2 (like me), but he still helps me out with the basic stuff like logic, proofreading, AI design, and the like. That's in addition to all the encouragements and understanding he showed me even though I fumbled over trivial matters. I was hoping that I could be a better game maker, so that I could show him that his efforts weren't wasted on me. So that's pretty much my reason why I'm here :3

    I hope that I'll eventually fit in with the community here, and I bet that this'll be lots of fun. Byeeeee.

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  • Hello everyone!

    I am a professional game creator and I am just now working for Bräcke Diakoni together with the game company Ace in Gothenburg Sweden, to create a serious game that helps disabled people to get a job. Right now we are using Construct 2 as our main tool for doing this.

    I am quite new on Construct 2 but I have previously worked alot with Game Maker Studio.

    // Malinda

  • I am a student of Electrical engineering from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My new years resolution was learning game development, and here I am

  • Hi there. I'm very new to this but I'll be posting something to the "Works In Progress" section within a week.

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  • Oi eu sou o leandro estudante do curso Ciência da computação e estou muito interessado nesse mundo dos games por isso estou aqui . E navegando na net encontrei esse site e resolvi experimentar esse novo desafio

  • Hello

  • hey everyone, scott here, heard about construct 2 through a games design course im doing, look forward to making some cool stuff with construct 2

  • Hi everyone, looking forward to using Construct 2 to complete some games for One Game A Month this year!

  • Hi devs, I'm Xim

    I have been developing a game with Construct 2 and I would like that you give me an opinion:

  • Hey guys!

    I'm Toni from Brazil, I'm looking up at Construct 2 because I'm putting together an educational program focused in game development for kids. I'm a Computer Sciences student and I'm also graduated in history. If anyone's interested in share some experiences about education or have some tips or anything to share, just hail me! May be we can create a world wide educational game development community and conquer the world lol

  • hello I am a pearson who cannot spel and who has got this because the ones on the school computers are outdated

  • New here

    wanted to say hello

  • hello

  • Hello everyone

    My name's Yura, I'm 24 and I am typing this from a depressing office in Minsk, Belarus.

    I've always been interested in creating stuff, whether it's sad acoustic music or level packs for a game called Elasto Mania

    I made several efforts to come to grips with various pieces of software for game creation and each time I ended up losing that initial spark and giving up mostly because of the fact that the amount of knowledge required to put together even a simple little game was pretty much overwhelming. (Well I did produce a little text-based quest a couple of years back, but I'd like to take it a little further than that)

    There's been no such case of total frustration with Construct so far. I am actually enjoying the process of digging through tutorials and when I stumble upon some things that I have no clue about it still doesn't put me off that much and I feel rather confident that I'll be able to find my answers in the end.

    The community seems welcoming and helpful too.

    So, yeah, it's only been a couple of weeks but I really hope I'll stick around. Hell, I have even posted an introduction message

    PS. currently trying to secretely install C2 at work

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