The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi my name is Michael Beatty and have familiarity with a number of applications including Unity and Blender. I look forward to tryin out Construct

  • Hello Everyone !!!!

    I am Seyed Mahdi Mostafavi !!

    I am honored to be a member of this website and be a good game programmer one day !!!

    I hope to find new friends and make good friends here !!

    I have some info about myself in profile !

    Hope to be useful !

    thank you so much for your time and attention !!!

  • Hello Everybody !

    My name is Danny , last time i used a construct classic to introduce myself

    but from today i am a proud User of Construct 2 !

  • Hello Everybody

    My name is James, I heard about this on a link from a Udemy course Just want to learn about producing some simple games for my daughter

  • Hi I'm Davis7457, People call me Davis... Been on a while. Just didn't get around to introducing myself. Hoping to make some great games. But still a noob right now.

  • Hey, I'm Sceptic Macta. This won't be long but I came here to make some games and learn and make friends

  • Hey all My name is Nerdsauce .... okay it's not, it's David - but everyone knows me as Nerdsauce so ... yeah.

    I'm here because of TheNerdCubed who made a great little game with this software, and after seeing what he was able to do I thought to myself "I can do something like that!" - so here I am to prove myself right!

    No idea what kind of games I am going to create with the software - or what kind of games are even possible to create, with the exception of side-scrollers that I have seen in the Showcase on the site. I hope to create my own graphical assets for the game, but I'll probably need help on the music front at some point.

    So yeah ... that's me!

    Nice to meet you

  • Hi, I'm Allen, just a hobbyist decided to make casual mobile/web games. I'm so glad to come across this game engine, it's relatively easy for me. (I will definately get the C2: personal edition soon~)

    For now, it's LEARNING time for me! Thanks for all the tutorials & tips the people gave in the website! My first C2 project will be a cooking simulator. (I am making a prototype of it) Not sure how will it stands out, but time will tell!

    Let's have FUN making games we love!

    ps: The game that (finally) pulls me into this is FNAF. (not the same engine though)

  • Hi!

    I am a teacher and heard about Construct 2 through my cooperating teacher. We will be introducing a new course next term that will have students creating their own game with Construct 2. I have been familiarizing myself with the platform and am very impressed with its ease of use. I am excited to delve deeper into Construct 2, and I know my students are going to love developing games with this platform!

  • Hey I'm Zachary. I'm going to try to make my first game using this program and hope to improve at it quickly.

    My first game is going to be an rpg where you progress through life based on criticism. although it being offended is the worst possible thing to happen to people now a days believe it or not were trying to help you. (Im talking to you more than skinny people, slackers, rule breakers, those who find the christian community bad, those who use the bible as an excuse to make people feel bad) and SOOO much more! You get what I'm saying right? Stop crying whenever someone criticizes you and start listening. This game will help strengthen your idea of knowing what is good criticism and bad criticism.

  • Hi all!

    I'm Mark and i am really into game development. Started game development when i was 15 using Game Maker. When i turned 17 i even made 3D games and programming AI's for top-down shooters.

    unfortunately my computer crashed and i lost >90% of all my work and i stopped with developing games. Until april 2014 when I was playing a game on my phone in the bus. It infected me again with the game development virus.

    Nowdays i'm learning the Javascript language and using construct 2 to develop arcade-like games.

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  • Hi everybody,

    I´m Fábio, I started to program when was 12 (29 years ago) with Basic and I´ve already developed some games with plot/unplot (TK 85) <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    I turned a professional musician, but always developing software in parallel.

    7 years ago, in my son´s 4th birthday, I did a CD Room with educational games, then I realized the power of Education+game.

    Worked as freelancer for many years as developer till I start in a multinational enterprise that developed app for lenovo.

    Since 2002, I´m a co-founder of a education plataform based in games called Kiduca (

    I´m focused in develop games with educational purpose.

  • Hello!

    I'm Erin Yumi, 15. I don't have much experience in game development, but a friend of mine managed to get me deep into this. He's not using Construct 2 (like me), but he still helps me out with the basic stuff like logic, proofreading, AI design, and the like. That's in addition to all the encouragements and understanding he showed me even though I fumbled over trivial matters. I was hoping that I could be a better game maker, so that I could show him that his efforts weren't wasted on me. So that's pretty much my reason why I'm here :3

    I hope that I'll eventually fit in with the community here, and I bet that this'll be lots of fun. Byeeeee.

  • The Best Maker Game Program !

  • Hello everyone!

    I am a professional game creator and I am just now working for Bräcke Diakoni together with the game company Ace in Gothenburg Sweden, to create a serious game that helps disabled people to get a job. Right now we are using Construct 2 as our main tool for doing this.

    I am quite new on Construct 2 but I have previously worked alot with Game Maker Studio.

    // Malinda

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